• 14

    The Acorns in the interior, beautiful accessories

    The Acorns is an outstanding opportunity to beautify your home, original and beautiful. Of acorns can be made figurines to decorate the frame, or a mirror. The Acorns can be used as a candle holder, or purchase a candle in the shape of acorns. The…

  • 9-sliding bar

    10 juicy and colorful kitchens

    The orange color in the kitchen will be the most relevant for fans of bright colors, as you know, the bright orange color stimulates the appetite, so it can be safely trusted to choose for the decor and cuisine. The main thing is not to…

  • 13-beautiful view

    Beautiful Baths and the use of small tiles

    Everyone knows that the best material for bathroom tile, the market given the many options and proposals by various factors, color, material, quality. If you want to make the interior of the bathroom original and beautiful, it is necessary to use mosaic tiles. Use a…

  • 1-home

    The most unusual and the narrowest house in the world

    An original and unusual structure has created an Austrian architect and designer Erwin Wurm. This home is different from everyone, that gives the impression that the house is just flattened, or even squeezed from both sides, due to what it has turned out so narrow….

  • 7-shades of Pink

    10 of the most magnificent rooms in the bohemian style

    In the bohemian style can be made and has a nice sleeping room. Choose original and exclusive furniture. Best furniture for the bedroom is in a Victorian style. This furniture looks very presentable and most importantly it is exclusive. The furniture that you have in…

  • 24

    Variety flowers and pots for flowers and objects

    Update garden can be diluted if the bright colors, but it does not make big changes, it is enough to add some bright colors and objects in the interior. Everything can be changed due to the landing of a variety of items: pots, pockets, tubs…

  • 1-IKEA vase

    The most beautiful vase for the kitchen

    Beautiful vases adorn not only the interior of your home, but also will make a special decoration for the kitchen. Vase can match any interior, because there are many different colors, shapes, and the vase can be purchased from any material. Common use of the…