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    Airy Contemporary Apartment with Scandinavian and Pop Art Accents

    In the light and harmonious atmosphere of this apartment designed for a young family couple household conveniences and laconic contemporary design diluted with elements of Scandinavian style and pop art are as naturally combined as two dominating colors – pale gray and yellow. The spouses…

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    Artworks, Pictures & Posters: How to Arrange Them Correctly

    Though artworks haven’t become interior must-haves yet, many people wouldn’t mind hanging beautiful pictures, portraits or laconic posters in their homes. As for qualified decorators, artworks for them are one of the most important job tools. They make interiors more personal, customized, and their immense…

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    Contemporary Four-Room Family Apartment in White and Gray

    This four-room apartment is located on the west side of Moscow and has a relatively big total area – about 120 sq. m. With a ceiling height of 2.9 meters, big panoramic windows, a nice view and a park nearby, it immediately attracted the attention…

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    Bedroom in Arles – a Chance to Sleep in van Gogh’s Bedroom

    Bedroom in Arles, or simply The Bedroom, is a series of three similar paintings created by Vincent van Gogh at the end of the 19th century. All three versions are “photos” of his own room interior, in which he lived when staying in a French…

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    Bathroom Ceiling Design: 8 Nice Tips

    Usually, when it comes to bathroom renovation, we are more likely to start picking sanitary porcelain, wash basin cabinets and tiles. And very occasionally someone considers bathroom ceiling décor. That’s what we suggest you to think about that today.

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    Huge Creative Apartment with Art Gallery & Roof Exit

    This huge apartment with an area of about 500 sq. m. has an interesting history. First of all, it used to be a 17-room communal apartment shared by 17 families living here in Soviet times together respectively. Secondly, it belongs to a father of 7…

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    Bentwood Chair by Michael Thonet and its History

    It’s hard to believe this, but the history of bentwood chairs, true longsellers of interior design, started back in 1840s, almost 200 years ago. This chair, as long as a huge group of other bentwood furniture, appeared thanks to the invention of a new steam-bending…