• 2-float-house-sailing-house-houseboat-exterior-design

    A Real Houseboat: How Is It Equipped Inside and Outside?

    Many people dream about living on the shore of a beautiful sea or a picturesque lake. But laws of many countries do not permit to construct houses and saunas directly on the waterfront. Still, there is a good alternative – why not build a house…

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    Siberian Apartment Inspired by an Austrian Chalet

    At first sight at her future residential project, its author realized that this newly-built apartment needed a few layout changes, including demolition of several walls. For instance, both bathrooms featured plenty of non-functional nooks, and after the re-planning the hosts got geometrically clear bathroom zones…

  • 2-cylinder-house-by-Cyril-Lancelin-modular-residential-architecture-in-France-Lyon-open-plan-bedroom-forest-view-laconic-interior-gray-bed-floor-lamp-arm-chair

    Glass Cylinder House in France: Awesome Modular Architecture

    A pretty unusual house is to be built on the outskirts of Lyon, France – it will be composed of numerous cylinder-shaped glass modules. According to the author’s idea, this is an all-terrain type of housing, since cylinders can be arranged in any sequence depending…

  • 6-light-wood-house-interior-in-the-wood-Canada-panoramic-windows-light-airy-white-kitchen-dining-room-minimalist-ascetic-winter-forest-view-fire-wood

    Stunning Contemporary Chalet in the Heart of Canadian Woods

    A house in chalet style is just what one needs for a country covered with forests and hills and being reigned by winter and plenty of snow most of the time. But this fact doesn’t mean that this house should look like a hut in…

  • 1-8-remade-reconstructed-ex-harbor-crane-apartment-in-Copenhagen-exterior-terrace-with-sea-port-view-girl

    Ex-Harbor Crane = Luxurious Flat/ Ex-Grain Elevator = 5-Star Hotel

    Talented architects of the globe keep surprising the audience with their creative approach to versatile exotic objects that were written off due to their significant ages. Thus, instead of converting an old harbor crane in Copenhagen into scrap metal, it was re-constructed into a multi-level…

  • 2-2-interior-by-A-Lentil-Design-Taiwan-China-white-walls-light-panoramic-windows-living-room-TV-stand-bookshelves-staircase-attic-loft-room-perforated-iron-board-indoor-plants-laminate-mudroom-entrance-hall

    Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space: a Couple and a Cat, Double Happiness

    What is happiness? This question has been inspiring the greatest minds for thousands of years already. But the young family from the Sanchong District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, seem to have found the answer! Living in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in…

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    Gorgeous Classical-Style Interior with a Note of Modern Irony

    In this apartment centuries-old traditions meet passing contemporary trends. And bright designer’s creativity coupled with the sense of humor of the clients helps turn this mixture into a true masterpiece…

  • 1-1-the-most expensive-home-in-USA-beyonce-jay-z-Los-Angeles-bel-air-luxurious-exterior-design-white-4-storey-mansion-palms-swimming-pool-helipad-panoramic-windows-garage

    Beyonce & Jay Z Bought the Most Expensive Home in the USA

    Beyonce, the highest-paid singer of the world for the year 2017, and her husband, a famous American rapper and businessman Jay Z, who became parents of newly-born twins just a month ago and now have 3 kids total, have just bought a gorgeous mansion in…

  • 4-2-light-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-interior-design-semi-circular-sofa-beige-walls-dark-brown-parquet-floor-metal-coffee-table-lamp-glass-chandelier-arm-chair-panoramic-windows-sea-view

    Contemporary Sea-Side Classics for Active and Friendly Businessmen

    Today we’d like to show you an interior design project created for a mature family couple. They have been together for many years. Their kids have already grown up and built their own nests. But our heroes decided not to be sad about it. They…

  • 1-4-1-1-open-concept-living-room-dining-area-kitchen-interior-design-Taiwan-island-bar-table-mismatchen-stools-chairs-yellow-legs-pastel-green-backsplash-clinker-wall-tiles-loft-style-motifs

    Cozy Interior with a Huge Kitchen for a Young Taiwanese Family

    You enjoy spending time in warm family atmosphere, don’t you? Then why not make your kitchen a centerpiece of your home? That is what a team of Taiwanese designers from the House Design studio did and we’d like to have a look at the final…

  • 3-creative-small-house-in-Melbourne-suburbs-Australia-white-brick-exterior-wall-with-hello-word-narrow-tall-window-panoramic-windows-garage-entrance

    Unconventional Welcoming House Finished & Furnished with Veneer

    If you think that common veneer is good only for rough interior finishes, this Australian house will make you change your mind. And we’ll share with you a secret feature that helps this cheap material look interesting and make life easier!

  • 5-2-Mattel-office-interior-design-Russia-Moscow-toys-seller-meeting-room-narrow-long-elongated-space-white-faux-brick-walls-Barbie-wall-art-pictures-pink-chairs-exposed-ceiling-wires

    Mattel’s New Office: How Toys Sellers Work, Dine & Relax

    Mattel is the world’s biggest transnational corporation creating Barbie and Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, and baby toys by Fisher Price and owning loads of other brands. Its Moscow headquarters has recently moved to a new office with the total area of…

  • 4-new-refreshed-renovated-Microsoft-office-headquarters-in-Moscow-interior-design-ceiling-mounted-floating-suspended-ball-arm-chair-transparent-beige-cushion-lounge-zone

    Sneak Peek at Upgraded Microsoft’s Office Interiors in Moscow

    Over the past five years the Microsoft Company have changed their logo, mission and strategy. Now it’s time for their international office interiors. Following the renovation of headquarters in Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries the Russian office also went through refurbishment. It took…

  • 2-creative-Scandinavian-style-interior-design-kitchen-with-bright-accents-green-SMEG-refrigerator-fridge-pendant-lamps-mismatched-dining-chairs-open-racks-shelves-big-windows-light-open-airy-plywood-wall-black

    Unhackneyed Approach to Scandinavian Style in Moscow Apartment

    It should seem that an apartment designed in Scandinavian style can hardly surprise anyone. It’s widely popular among designers, decorators and common people, and finding furniture in this style is not a problem at all. However, skeptics keep saying that white walls are dull, and…

  • 6-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-dining-living-room-lounge-patio-exit-panoramic-windows-light-port-river-view-beige-chairs-with-rivets-wooden-table-metal-chandelier-lamp-sofa-blue-accents

    Port Watch: Gorgeous New England House on the Bank of the River

    The story of this house started like a dream. The future masters, Heather and Greg Burke, spent sweet summer on their boat in the Kennebunkport and admired the view of a secluded cottage on the bank of the river. Its location was perfect from all…

  • 0-Experimentarium-science-museum-Copenhagen-Denmark-interior-winding-staircase-metal-futuristic

    Three Contemporary Architecture Projects: Denmark, England, France

    Can a museum look like a building from the future? Can chimneys of a power station be elegant and decorative? Why would a public library be X-shaped? Find the answers to these questions in our today’s post about modern architecture!

  • 5-white-beige-yellow-light-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-lounge-zone-area-sofa-arm-chair-coffee-table-rug-wooden-floor-tiles-kitchen-set-dining-table-chairs-panoramic-windows-curtains-for-rent

    Sunny Studio Apartment with Panoramic Windows in the Heart of Sochi

    Have you ever seen an apartment for rent that was designed with soul and so tastefully that you wished this were your home forever? This studio apartment is a good example of the fact that such places do exist!

  • 5-1-Nota-Bene-Minsk-minimalist-modern-archietcture-one-floor-frame-house-narrow-elongated-flat-roof-laconic-Scandinavian-style-larch-wood-and-concrete-terrace-panoramic-windows-thujas

    “Copenhagen”: Scandinavian House Built Within Just 118 Days

    The architect who designed this house was tasked with creating a contemporary-style building that would harmonically communicate with a pretty narrow, elongated plot of land with tremendous altitudinal variation. Beyond that it was supposed to be functional, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. To crown it all…

  • 0-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet

    Brutal & Elegant Office: Mixture of Concrete and Zebrawood

    Wood and concrete are incompatible, aren’t they? The author of this project tried to debate with this widespread misconception and created an office interior design that will take your breath away!

  • Tappe-Architects-small-town-LEED-platinum-Athol-Public-lbrary-Massachusetts-USA-interior-design-children's-room-hall-book-shelves-collection-panoramic-window-view

    Amazing Facts about Athol Library that Obtained Platinum LEED (3)

    At last we got to the final part of our story about the Athol Public Library. We hope you enjoyed it just like we did. In the conclusion we prepared many interesting facts about the way this library obtained a platinum LEED certificate. It’s an…

  • 0-Tappe-Architects-small-town-LEED-platinum-Athol-Public-lbrary-Massachusetts-USA-exterior-design-panoramic-windows-glazing-addition-to-historic-building

    Amazing Facts about Athol Library that Obtained Platinum LEED (1)

    Today we are going to take you on virtual trip to the town of Athol located in Massachusetts, the USA. This 255-year-old town has a population of just about 11,500 people and it has always been so small and quiet like this. Frankly speaking, Athol…

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    “Woodscape”: Super-Naturalistic Apartment Interior Design in Taiwan

    Perhaps, the best word for describing this interior is “naturalistic”. The thing is that this project features so much wood grain, that on looking at it one can’t shake the feeling that he or she got to a genuine wood. Complemented with purely natural colors…

  • 0-contemporary-architecture-Russia-one-storey-house-3-in-1-with-mismatched-blocks-windows-panoramic-wood-gray-brown-brick-narrow-mured-up-windows-open-terrace

    Contemporary Russian House 3-in-1

    Small cottage houses can hardly surprise anyone, especially in Moscow suburbs. But we are sure that there is no more such a house like this! And it’s all about a non-standard wish of the client and great imagination of the creator.

  • 1-3-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-recessed-shelves-bookstand-black-radiator-graphite-bed-linen-chair-white-bedside-table-wooden-TV-stand

    “Soft Brutality” Interior Design Project for a Young Family

    Can harsh “concrete” interior feel cozy? Is there a golden mean between brutality and softness? Can bricks give the sense of spaciousness? Let’s find the answers to these questions together!