• 10-white ceiling

    15 modern and beautiful kitchen

    This collection there is a lovely 15 kitchens in the darkest black in 2013 became popular, and fun for all to see.

  • Outsource

    10 bright and interesting fixtures

    Beautiful Lama reminds the whole planet of the solar system, given that it is possible to discover the beauty of this vicinity. This collection was created by the design studio Lievore Altherr Molina.

  • 4-bright textiles

    Bright and beautiful kitchen

    Bright kitchen has only recently entered the fashion minimalist earlier welcomed, bright color. Also, before all the dishes were a standard shape, figure, with regular patterns. But in 2013 the fashion for bright colors challenges its significance. Moreover brighter shades can be combined with simple,…

  • 21

    Home decorating ideas on Halloween

    Many are already in anticipation of the holiday – Halloween. The most popular holiday and more of its mass is celebrated in the United States. On this day – October 31 all dress up in funny costumes, candy cook, make the bloody interesting dishes, and…

  • 2

    The diverse and interesting pumpkins from Marilyn Sunderland

    Designer Marilyn Sunderland native of Colombia , at the moment she lives in America, and it inspired Hallowe’en festival makes an interesting and decorative gourds. She is inspired by its nature, when she looks at the mountain, she is inspired by the foliage and nature….

  • 2-a-dog-for-magazines

    Funny shelf in the form of a dog for magazines

    Famous and popular designer Gavin Coyle love dogs and inspired them decided to create an interesting shelf that looks like a dog, which normally involves a newspaper or magazine to its possessor. The shelves are made from the cheapest material – wire that looks quickly,…

  • 1-plastic-chairs-in-the-interior

    Original Plastic chairs in the interior

    Transparent chairs look very stylish and sometimes even pretentious in the interior, and where they just do not use: in the kitchen, in the dining room, a room for work in offices. Furniture made of plastic, and it is transparent chairs are well suited for…

  • 1-methods-the-apartment-design-with-natural-wood

    Methods the apartment design with natural wood

    Everyone knows that the wood turns the most beautiful furniture and home furnishings. Furniture beautiful natural material and the more eco-friendly home. On the other hand it is difficult to untreated wood furniture, but these, too, have this confirmed in the photographs.