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    Halloween for wild and domestic animals

    At Halloween, even animals can celebrate the holiday, they will certainly like pumpkin, not only as decoration but also as a delicacy. Some zoos every goal arrange a real treat animals, which they certainly hit the spot.

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    Paper and beautiful pumpkin for Halloween

    If you do not have to buy a pumpkin, or just pressed for time, you can use the idea to make a beautiful pumpkin with their hands you will need some materials: – Paper several colors – Ribbons – Decorative berries and leaves

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    Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

    To carve a pumpkin for Halloween, you will need: – Pumpkin – Knife – Template with a face on it – The scraper or spoon – Thick needle You need to choose the most beautiful pumpkins to do it without damage. The middle of a…

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    10 popular decorations for Halloween

    The first place to decorate the house for Halloween is pumpkin, pumpkin can be any accessory – a vase, lamp, figurines, or even possible to make a gift. Pumpkin – this is the most traditional items and accessories.

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    Home decorating ideas on Halloween

    Many are already in anticipation of the holiday – Halloween. The most popular holiday and more of its mass is celebrated in the United States. On this day – October 31 all dress up in funny costumes, candy cook, make the bloody interesting dishes, and…

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    A cheerful carving a pumpkin on Halloween

    Pumpkin is the most popular accessories for Halloween, he will be a good lamp for night-time. Pumpkin – a symbol of the holiday Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31. This vegetable can be decorated with any interesting patterns or make a face. The most popular…

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    The diverse and interesting pumpkins from Marilyn Sunderland

    Designer Marilyn Sunderland native of Colombia , at the moment she lives in America, and it inspired Hallowe’en festival makes an interesting and decorative gourds. She is inspired by its nature, when she looks at the mountain, she is inspired by the foliage and nature….

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    Decorating Ideas for Fall

    Autumn – the time when the cold weather comes, and we want warmth and comfort. Interior of a room can be warm and cozy thanks to its natural accessories that you can find absolutely free anywhere in the street. For example, it may be leaves…