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    How to Design a Bathroom in French Style from A to Z

    Sophisticated, romantic and airy French interior style is traditionally deemed feminine. But does the beauty have any gender? Especially considering that no one would like to lose a chance to feel the atmosphere of ultimate comfort and feel oneself involved in the spirit of the…

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    Beige Bathroom Interiors: Best Ideas, Combinations and Examples

    Beige bathroom interiors have both passionate fans and staunchest opponents. Well, each of us has one’s own view of the art of interior design. But there’s no point in arguing with the fact that beige color range has such indisputable advantages as universality, associations with…

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    Fashionable & Luxurious Parisian Interior with the Eiffel Tower View

    Love, romance, Paris… This is exactly the impression we get from a gorgeous interior created by a famous Parisian designer Stephane Olivier. It’s harmonious from top to bottom: colors, finishes, furnishing, combination of different epochs and styles… This is a visiting card of Stephane; he…

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    7 Easy Steps to a Warm and Cozy Bathroom without Any Renovation

    The bathroom is a special place in the house. Its personal, even intimate concept deserves a special approach to its interior design. To be able to relax in this room, we need something more than just a hot bath, something more than just physical warmth…

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    40 Ideas of Home Décor for Valentine’s Day

    Actually creating romantic holiday mood is not that difficult. Here you will need most trivial assistants – candles, flower petals, paper and felt garlands, decorative hearts and pillows, and photo frames. And the easiest way to decorate the interior is valentines – the most understandable…

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    15 Beautiful and Romantic Table Settings for Valentine’s Day

    Festive table setting ideas can be simple and exquisite, cheap and luxurious, elegant and rustic. But they certainly will produce an impact on your sweetheart. Today we have collected 15 beautiful ideas of Valentine’s Day table settings for your inspiration! We hope that they’ll motivate…

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    World’s Smallest Hotel: Its Romantic History and Interiors

    Beach vacation for two and a date on the Eifel Tower is not something new already. If you’re looking for fresh ideas, plan a trip to Germany, to the hotel with an incredible and very romantic history.

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    Warm and romantic shades of the interior

    Romantic style refers to the traditional; this style allows and promotes relaxation. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can use the following materials: antique furniture, vintage furniture, textiles velvet, silk, satin, and lace patterns. To create the romantic atmosphere gloss should buy beautiful curtains. The…

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    10 bedrooms in a romantic style

    Create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom and make it a cozy, can be done using a beautiful accessory or completely redecorate and refurbish the interior. If you desire to change your life, change the interior. Our advice will help you to quickly change the…

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    Chests of drawers and cabinets in the interior

    Chest of drawers in French means “easy.” This characteristic is the basis for this piece of furniture. However, to choose a chest of drawers in the interior was good on all sides, about its purpose, size and location of the apartment should be considered in…