• 3-silent-stylish-W-Collection-washing-machine-by-Whirlpool-If-Awards-winner-edge-to-edge-door

    5 Bathroom Novelties for March 2018

    This month was rich in novelties for bathroom interiors, and we have decided to show you the most interesting objects of famous brands: designer sanitary ware, smart mirrors, a washing machine that can be controlled from a mobile app, and even a secret vanity unit….

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    How to Arrange a Home Theater: All You Have to Know (P.1)

    So, you have a home theater in mind, and this arouses many questions in your head. How to choose the equipment right? What budget should you have in mind? Do you have to look for the centre of the tone cluster? Is it really necessary…

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    Smart Speakers by Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Apple: Comparison (P.2)

    We on HomeKlondike love everything about Smart Home technologies. And every new appliance integrated in this system is of great interest to us. Today we decided to speak about smart speakers – this relatively new market is growing rapidly and we decided to analyze the…

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    Smart Speakers by Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Apple: Comparison (P.1)

    What is the difference between the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Invoke and Apple HomePod? Last Monday, during its yearly WWDS conference, the Apple Company announced the launch of its first smart speaker dubbed Apple HomePod. That is why we on HomeKlondike decided to recall…

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    Now You May Create and Control Your Sofa from a Smartphone!

    We on HomeKlondike already know much about the notion of the Internet of Things: smart home lights that can create different lighting scenarios (“Tradfri”: IKEA Launches a Collection of Smart Home Lights), kitchen countertop robots that know what’s in your fridge, what can be cooked…

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    Dreams Come True: Now Quadcopters Can Guard Houses!

    Nowadays quadcopter-camera drones are the hottest trends: courier services use them for products delivery, military men utilize them for military intelligence and border control purposes, bloggers are keen on having fantastic aerial photos. Sunflower Labs Company from Switzerland/USA also decided to apply them, but in…

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    “Tradfri”: IKEA Launches a Collection of Smart Home Lights

    This April the world famous furniture giant IKEA takes a more active approach on the market of wireless technologies and smart home systems. A little earlier the company presented its series of wireless charging furniture with built-in charging spots and pads. Now, as soon as…

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    Tour Around an Araptment with New Smart Home Technologies

    Today’s tour around an interesting apartment interior is not quite ordinary – this time we’d rather focus on “smart” technologies used within the major rooms, than on their decorative details. We’ll use this flat to demonstrate the most important innovations in the sphere of Smart…

  • 1-Mykie-Bosch-Siemens-Home-Connect-smart-kitchen-assistant-countertop-robot-voice-operated-with-projector

    Mikey: Innovative Countertop Robot & Personal Kitchen Assistant

    Can you imagine a personal assistant, who knows what foodstuffs you have in your refrigerator now, who is ready to come up with recipes of dishes that you can cook from these foodstuffs, who will tell you how to make these dishes and show you…

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    Modern Windows: 3 Functions Which Will Amaze You

    Windows do not only protect us from cold and heat, wind and noise of the street. Innovative technologies have already got to them as well. For instance, windows can monitor the temperature and get opened without your participation. And there’s even a computerized device, which…