• 1-8-remade-reconstructed-ex-harbor-crane-apartment-in-Copenhagen-exterior-terrace-with-sea-port-view-girl

    Ex-Harbor Crane = Luxurious Flat/ Ex-Grain Elevator = 5-Star Hotel

    Talented architects of the globe keep surprising the audience with their creative approach to versatile exotic objects that were written off due to their significant ages. Thus, instead of converting an old harbor crane in Copenhagen into scrap metal, it was re-constructed into a multi-level…

  • 10-dining-room-area-interior-design-ideas-bistro-kitchen-country-style-light-wooden-cabinets-open-racks-chalkboard-wall-paint-mismatched-chairs-black-white-backsplash

    The Heart of the Home – Choosing Chairs for a Kitchen Diner

    One of the most significant changes in recent years has been the emergence of the kitchen as the central hub of the household.Gone are the days when the kitchen was literally shut away at the back of the house, reflecting Victorian social mores and the…

  • 8-lounge-living-room-interior-design-eco-style-earthy-colors-gray-green-yellow-accents-many-indoor-potted-plants-coffee-table-big-corner-sofa-metal-chandelier-geometrical-wall-mirror-decor-with-floral-pattern

    10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas from Designers’ Instagrams

    We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes….

  • 0-contemporary-architecture-Russia-one-storey-house-3-in-1-with-mismatched-blocks-windows-panoramic-wood-gray-brown-brick-narrow-mured-up-windows-open-terrace

    Contemporary Russian House 3-in-1

    Small cottage houses can hardly surprise anyone, especially in Moscow suburbs. But we are sure that there is no more such a house like this! And it’s all about a non-standard wish of the client and great imagination of the creator.

  • 2-ascetic-minimalist-loft-style-kitchen-interior-design-white-walls-black-ceiling-wooden-push-to-open-island-without-upper-cabinets-white-square-floor-tiles

    White Walls, Black Ceiling & Wood – Ascetic Loft Style in Barcelona

    Noble materials, naturalistic color scheme and huge floor-to-ceiling windows – in her new project Katty Schiebeck, a famous designer from Barcelona, organically intertwined ascetic minimalism and elegant modern style.

  • 3-modern-minimalist-architecture-exterior-design-solar-eco-house-Italy-Green-Zero-Daniele-Menichini-panoramic-windows-open-terrace-metal-support-structures-lounge-sofas-coffee-table-beautiful-view-trees

    Modern Architectural Minimalism Illustrated by an Italian Eco-House

    This house situated in an Italian town of Treviso is so special that it even has a name – the Green Zero. Its author is a famous architect and designer Daniele Menichini. The architectural and interior design concept of this building applies to modern minimalism…

  • 00-bathhouse-sauna-on-open-terrace-with-summer-kitchen-baths-dining-table-stove

    3 Beautiful Bathhouse Designs

    What’s the most important thing about a bathhouse? You think it’s the right temperature and a switch of green birch twigs, don’t you? And what else can please fans of baths? We’d like to show you three private bathhouse designs that would shatter your imagination…

  • 13-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood

    Swiss Simplicity: Modern-Style Family House

    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Swiss simplicity”? Probably, something laconic, definitely modern-style and surely concentrated on natural materials, such as wood, stone, glass and steel. The same image was in the minds of a Swiss family couple with 2 kids…

  • 7-beautiful sofa

    Good examples of brightly lit rooms

    Ukrainian architect creates interiors with beautiful and soft lighting, her intentions are simply breathtaking and striking in their beauty. This reflects the architect of the most magnificent and interesting idea, using bright interiors. This pizza is made charming and bright interior, natural colors are chosen,…

  • 9-beautiful flowers

    10 Ideas Kitchen in country style

    Country style kitchen can prepare a special configuration of the room, wooden beams on the ceiling, a summer terrace outside the window, on the compass orientation, lifestyle home and other factors. As a general rule, where the imagination can run wild if – there is…

  • 1-spacious-apartment-in-kiev-from-id4u-studio

    Spacious apartment in Kiev from ID4U Studio

      The design of this apartment set in the modern style it implements the most advanced and interesting ideas, the apartment is spacious and comfortable accommodation. The apartment is spacious, there are no extra parts that sometimes litter the apartment and make it out of…