• 3-1-2-zero-waste-target-production-of-furniture-from-recycled-waste-Kulla-Israel

    Zero Waste Target: 6 Recycled Waste Furniture Brands

    The trend of reflective consumption has not left the sphere of furniture industry untouched – designers use waste to create things that become rapidly popular and cost big money. HomeKlondike has selected 6 furniture brands that draw inspiration from the idea of waste recycling to…

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    Bright studio apartment in Sweden

    Beautiful and roomy studio apartment is situated in Sweden. The flat is modest but really easy. The main color flat white, with brilliant and red accents that adorn the room and make it shiny and spicy.

  • 4-blue wallpaper

    Small apartment in Sweden

    This beautiful apartment is built in Scandinavian fashion. The apartment is only 41 square meters. In this apartment a really large bit of operational objects. The apartment is small, but very snug and inviting. Thanks Scandinavian style interior, the apartment looks much bigger and more…

  • 10-beautiful balcony

    The small and cozy apartment in Sweden

    Swiss residents prefer the classics in the interior and usually choose the blank walls. The white color is most often present in a small room. In a small apartment choose functional furniture that can hide or conceal.

  • 2-home-in-sweden

    Small cozy home in Sweden

    The small and beautiful house is located in Sweden, in a house you can live in comfort, enjoying the surrounding nature and the beauty around. Around the house is a really beautiful and impressive landscape in the interior there is a Scandinavian low-key style. The…

  • 12-transparent chairs

    Modern one bedroom apartment in Sweden

    A wonderful and pleasant apartment in Sweden has an area of ​​90 square meters, this two-room apartment is very beautiful and spacious kitchen with a gorgeous little balcony.

  • 1-demi-lamp-by-mattias-stenberg

    Demi Lamp by Mattias Stenberg

    Demi Lamp is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Mattias Stenberg. Mattias Stenberg has designed a glass sculpture illuminated from the inside, highlighting the brilliance of the mouth-blown glass and creating a warm ambient light. The two glass parts are made by hand using…

  • 1-bed of ice

    The hotel made of ice and snow in Sweden

    Each year, as soon as the temperature drops below zero in Sweden actively hotel begins construction of the snow and ice. Inside the hotel there is a beautiful apartment, beautiful bedrooms, and an ice bar, even a church out of ice. The works make the…