• 1-8-remade-reconstructed-ex-harbor-crane-apartment-in-Copenhagen-exterior-terrace-with-sea-port-view-girl

    Ex-Harbor Crane = Luxurious Flat/ Ex-Grain Elevator = 5-Star Hotel

    Talented architects of the globe keep surprising the audience with their creative approach to versatile exotic objects that were written off due to their significant ages. Thus, instead of converting an old harbor crane in Copenhagen into scrap metal, it was re-constructed into a multi-level…

  • 0-das-tropical-island-resort-germany-indoor-water-park-world's-biggest-interior

    If You Miss Summer: There’re Year-Round Indoor Tropics in Germany

    This summer doesn’t seem hot enough for many Europeans. Some of us don’t have holidays in summer at all. But in Germany, it’s a different story. The inhabitants of this land don’t have to leave the country to get into genuine tropics. How? There are…

  • 1-1-the-most expensive-home-in-USA-beyonce-jay-z-Los-Angeles-bel-air-luxurious-exterior-design-white-4-storey-mansion-palms-swimming-pool-helipad-panoramic-windows-garage

    Beyonce & Jay Z Bought the Most Expensive Home in the USA

    Beyonce, the highest-paid singer of the world for the year 2017, and her husband, a famous American rapper and businessman Jay Z, who became parents of newly-born twins just a month ago and now have 3 kids total, have just bought a gorgeous mansion in…

  • 1-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-the-Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church

    5 Interesting Architectural Objects to See in Berlin

    If you’re keen on architecture and design, it’s worth spending your holidays in those places that offer not just good rest, but also new architectural impressions. For instance, why not go to Berlin and see its splendid pieces of modern architecture and design?

  • 4-contemporary-chalet-style-interior-design-bedroom-glass-wall-bathroom-gray-and-beige

    Refined Chalet Design in the French Ski Resort

    Having a house of one’s own in the French Alps is a golden dream of any downhill skier. And this chalet featuring all the possible elements for full-fledged recreation of families and friends would please anyone. In Megeve, a world famous ski resort, there are…

  • 13-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood

    Swiss Simplicity: Modern-Style Family House

    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Swiss simplicity”? Probably, something laconic, definitely modern-style and surely concentrated on natural materials, such as wood, stone, glass and steel. The same image was in the minds of a Swiss family couple with 2 kids…

  • 7-2-flexible-sandstone-in-interior-design-fireplace

    Flexible Sandstone: Unique Natural Facing Material

    When deciding on facing materials, we frequently feel that we’ve already seen that before – our friend’s living room features similar wallpaper, this decorative plaster is used in our office, and these tiles remind of our favorite café.

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    Beautiful apartment hotel in the Maldives

    Beautiful apartment located in the Maldives. Lovely blue and azure water, which pleases its warmth, beauty, and blue water. This beautiful hotel called Cheval Blanc Randheli. Close to the hotel there are waves, water. The hotel also suggests interesting and modest houses.

  • 2-amazing-swimming-house

    Amazing Swimming House in Canada

    Canadian architectural firm Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects Inc. has designed 299 Soper Place in Ottawa, Canada. Completed in 2012, this 4,800 square foot addition to an existing home features a spa, multipurpose lounge, guest house and a 4-car garage. According to the architects:…

  • 5-the-pool-at-pyne

    The Pool at Pyne by TROP Studio in Bangkok

    Located right in the middle of a busy urban district of Bangkok, just 5 mins walk from the city’s biggest shopping malls, the Pool at Pyne designed by Thai landscape architects TROP, is an oasis of relaxation positioned over the podium of a 42-storey residential…

  • 1-a-magnificent-mansion-in-sao-paulo

    A magnificent mansion in São Paulo

    The magnificent house and its interior were designed by the studio of contemporary PUPO + GASPAR Architecture & Interior. This private home is located in one of the villages in the San Paolo.