• 3-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-open-plan-kitchen-living-dining-room-white-sofa-terracotta-orange-chairs-throw-couch-pillows-table-lamps-air-conditioner-painting-light-parquet-floor

    Romantic Beige Apartment That Won’t Make Your Bored

    Beige walls make you yawn, don’t they? You just have to have a look at our today’s post to change your mind. This project proves the fact that even such a trivial color as beige can look fresh in skillful hands of a qualified designer,…

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    Light & Functional Self-Designed Apartment with Vintage Accents

    Helen, her husband Stan and their little daughter Eva purchased an apartment with the total area of 74 square meters about 2 years ago. Being a decorator by profession, Helen was determined to take a chance as a first-time interior designer, and hence the entire…

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    Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 2)

    In the previous post we discussed a beautiful award-winning house project, which seems to be perfect in all aspects: location, architecture, exterior and interior design. However, despite all the benefits of this gorgeous house, professional interior designers found a few drawbacks even in such an…

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    Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 1)

    In 2014 this house was awarded a prize by American Residential Design Awards in the “Model Homes” category. Its area of 322 square meters comprises a full-fledged family living space and ocean view opening from the windows makes it seem like a dream house. We’d…

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    Self-Designed Apartment in Traditional Style

    How can knowledge of physics help in home renovation? How to bring life to quiet minimalism? How to create an interior equally suitable for working from home and relaxation?  Today’s article gives answers to all of these questions.

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    Apartment with Noble Color Palette: Emerald, Azure, Ochre & Purple

    Today’s two-level apartment is not just pretty functional, but also very stylish – deep, saturated accent colors used here are extremely noble – emerald, ochre, purple and azure blue. They make it very individualized and distinctive. The initial layout was transformed considering the peculiarities of…

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    Lilac and Beige: Restrained Traditional Apartment

    How to arrange a space, which now belongs to a young family couple, but will soon be presented to an old lady? How to make a two-room apartment equally comfortable for representatives of different generations? The answer is soft, restrained color scheme and traditional interior…

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    Silhouette Lamp by M Parsons

    Silhouette Lamp is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer M Parsons. The inspiration of the design was taken from the traditional lightbulb, but the rest of the design relies heavily on creating an aesthetic that is as airy and simple as possible. The light…

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    10 beautiful kitchens in the traditional style

    Cuisine in a traditional style warm, cozy, in this interior provides a large selection of colors, with different colors. It combines very important in the interior different textures and create a lot of light. Kitchen design in a traditional style to be very cozy and…

  • 1-new-art-glass-by-jiri-bures-design

    New Art Glass by Jiri Bures Design

    Using traditional crystal glass hand forming skills combined with modern and whimsical design, we create new and elegant forms. Designer Jiri Bures collaborating with Czech art glass studio established in 15 century.

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    The magnificent chandelier for the bedroom

    A beautiful chandeliers for the bedroom is easy to find if you know where to look and, more importantly, what to look for. Bedroom – very choosy room. To feel comfortable in it, the owners need to find a nice, comfortable and beautiful furniture, determine…