• 1-3-mismatched-chairs-in-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design--one-model-in-different-colors-multicolo-painted-chairs

    How to Choose Mismatched Dining Chairs Tastefully: 7 Tips

    The modern furniture market is so rich and versatile that sometimes we find it difficult to choose a win-win option. Still, we have to make the final decision. Very often this challenge refers to dining chairs. There are so many beautiful and comfortable models available…

  • 5-3-metal-console-table-with-doors-decorated-with-natural-stone-cross-section-cut-texture

    Top American Furniture Trends: Review of High Point Market (Part 2)

    We’re continuing our review of American furniture trends and novelties that could be found in April at High Point Market. By the way, this exhibition is not a copy of European trade fairs. Here you wouldn’t find any exhibition pavilions, like in Paris or Milan….

  • 8-lounge-living-room-interior-design-eco-style-earthy-colors-gray-green-yellow-accents-many-indoor-potted-plants-coffee-table-big-corner-sofa-metal-chandelier-geometrical-wall-mirror-decor-with-floral-pattern

    10 Fresh Living Room Interior Ideas from Designers’ Instagrams

    We continue our series of posts, in which we share the best and most relevant ideas and interior design projects from Instagram accounts of professional architects, designers and decorators. By tradition, we try to show you a range of versatile styles, finishes and color schemes….

  • 3-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-white-kitchen-set-IKEA-glass-cabinets-dining-room-beige-gray-walls-arch-transparent-chairs-Christmas-decor-brick-tile

    Light & Functional Self-Designed Apartment with Vintage Accents

    Helen, her husband Stan and their little daughter Eva purchased an apartment with the total area of 74 square meters about 2 years ago. Being a decorator by profession, Helen was determined to take a chance as a first-time interior designer, and hence the entire…

  • 0-transparent-ghost-chair-cini-boeri-design-furniture-tempered-monolithic-glass

    World Famous Ghost Chair by Cini Boeri Turns 30!

    It was 30 years ago when Cini Boeri, an Italian designer, first exhibited her new chair that had no equivalents at that time. It came naturally that her invention has since been named the most innovative product of the year. Cini had the courage to…

  • 0-Egg-chair-by-Arne-Emil-Jacobsen-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

    Cheaper Alternatives to Iconic Furniture Pieces

    Crisis makes us cut our expenditures, but this is not the reason for buying counterfeit. We’d like to prove that you can always find cheaper alternatives to iconic furniture designs that would be as good and high-quality as their famous inspirers.

  • 2-classical-style-gray-dining-room-interior-design-Christmas-table-setting-Luminarc-tableware-Almin-cutlery-designer-wreath-tree-book-shelves-fireplace

    Bi-Color and Bi-Style Living Room

    Today our focus will be put on the interior of just one room. It is a living room with an area of 40 sq. m. located in a country house. Here lives a family of three. They wanted their lounge to include two full-fledged zones:…

  • 5-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-mirror-wall

    Can a Black & White Apartment Be Cozy?

    The concept of this interior is based on contrasts of black and white colors and active use of glossy and mirror surfaces. This was the client’s wish that guided the interior designer’s choice of materials, furnishing, lighting and décor. Generally when we think about black-and-white…

  • 2-0-blue-and-white-modern-glossy-hospital-interior-air-bubble-composition-glossy-floor

    Gorgeous Blue & White Hospital Interior

    Do you know a hospital where you would like to get and spend some time? Probably, no. And we do know such a place – the interiors of this modern hospital are so amazing that people would definitely want to come back here again and…

  • 4-minimalistic-Scandinavian-style-apartment-white-walls-white-floor-living-room-wooden-dining-table-transparent-chairs-gray-sofa-fireplace

    Modern Minimalistic Apartment with White Walls and Floors

    Nowadays many people strive for minimalism and neutrality in their apartment design. That is why Scandinavian motives become increasingly popular every year. Today’s apartment interior is designed in this very style: it has plenty of open space, neutral color range – mostly white, gray and…

  • 1-plastic-chairs-in-the-interior

    Original Plastic chairs in the interior

    Transparent chairs look very stylish and sometimes even pretentious in the interior, and where they just do not use: in the kitchen, in the dining room, a room for work in offices. Furniture made of plastic, and it is transparent chairs are well suited for…