• 4-bathroom with shower

    Harmonious Bathroom with shower

    These tubs are unique by the fact that they are united with a shower or located near it. In this suite bathrooms are so many interesting ideas, modern and classic styles look good together. Combined bathroom with shower takes a lot of space, hence this…

  • 8-parking

    Bright apartment in New – York

    This beautiful and luxurious duplex located in the beautiful New York City, it is situated in a modern building in Chelsea. In this house lived a portion of today’s pop stars such as Nicole Kidman. These flats are so comfortable, you cannot imagine, instead of…

  • 15

    Realistic cushion in the shape of cats and dogs

    Young designer Shannon Brenon created a unique and interesting cushions in the shape of cats and dogs, which he loves. If you do not own pets at home, you can purchase a pillow that will forever be with you sit on the couch.

  • 3-metallic

    Funny table by designer Joel Escalona

    Modern designer Joel Escalona put a very unique invention. This table Pogo Table, made ​​in the form of pigs, and well suited for children’s rooms. Bright colors look fun that kids will love, and his parents. Most importantly, Table top and colors can be chosen at…