• 0-Manta-Resort-hotel-Tanzania-Pemba-Island-underwater-under-the-sea-room-floating-house-coral-reef

    Hotel Room Interior with the Most Amazing View You’ve Ever Seen

    We on HomeKlondike and our beloved readers have seen absolutely versatile interiors: luxurious and austere, minimalistic and pompous, overlooking a wood, a river, an ocean, a backyard, a port and a construction site… But we have never seen an interior with such a view. Its…

  • 6-children’s bed

    10 beds in modern interior

    Pool located next to the bed, which is very unusual and interesting. In the morning you can wake up and go for a swim in the pool.

  • 1-spitbank-fort-sea-hotel

    Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel

    Life in London can make you want to leave the big island altogether at times. If you need an escape, there’s a new hotel built on an abandoned sea fort in the English Channel, the luxurious and historic Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel. Spitbank Fort is…

  • 4-goats

    Unusual Family Home with Synthetic Grass in Frohnleiten

    This unusual family home applies the principles of an M.C.Escher painting in architecture, displaying cubes of concrete covered entirely with a soft synthetic grass that allows the structure to blend in almost completely with the landscape. This extraordinary dwelling is situated in the municipality of…