• 7-workplace

    Kitchen combined with living room

    A living room with a kitchen can afford those who can eat the possibility of redevelopment of a standard apartment. Living room combined with the flat must be large in size, but can also be done in the area of a small apartment.

  • 1-bright-apartment-with-a-view-of-the-baltic-sea

    Bright apartment with a view of the Baltic Sea

    This spacious and comfortable, bright apartment is charging his energy and positive. This cozy apartment is situated in a small town Saltsjöbaden, in the municipality of Nacka, in the county of Stockholm, Sweden, west design is more true of the Scandinavian style.

  • 9-white kitchen

    Apartments in white style

    The white color is perfect for a home decoration, white – is the new black, it can cover a lot of flaws in white bright objects can be added to make the room interesting. White is the color of infinity, with it you can always…

  • 2-chair in interior

    Convenient triangular chair

    Coconut chair is constructed of chrome-plated steel legs, combined with upholstered seat. The chair can a life made of leather or cashmere of the best quality, as befits a high-end product. This piece of furniture is very comfortable, beautiful and more than that he is…