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    Futuristic Spacecraft-Style Apartment: NASA Would Be Proud

      It’s hard to believe, but before renovation this futuristic apartment reminded more of a country house – all walls were cased with wood. The new hostess decided to turn her lodgings into a spacecraft and hired a professional interior designer. The priority was to…

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    Bright and sweet home

    This apartment is only 36 square meters, but she looks very good. The interior uses the basic white color with bright decorative accessories and targets. White color blends in with the bright accessories that enliven every corner of the home.

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    Pure white color in the interior

    White color in the interior has been utilized successfully in small apartments, rooms, it allows you to expand the space, make the room larger and spacious. White fills the room with light color. White objects, and white background look very nice and does not blend…

  • Bright and unpredictable style Kitsch

    Kitsch style translates as – full range, trash. Can often be applied in decorating apartments and interiors. This style is different from all others, it may seem crazy, unpredictable and most tasteless style. This flashy and provocative style has recently become popular among young people…

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    The small and cozy apartment in Sweden

    Swiss residents prefer the classics in the interior and usually choose the blank walls. The white color is most often present in a small room. In a small apartment choose functional furniture that can hide or conceal.

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    Delicate pink color in the interior

    Pink color – it’s beautiful and the most tender and sensual color, the color preferred by people who are romantic and sensitive to his surroundings. Pink color is very diverse, as is the pink and girls and adult ladies, it all depends on the shade…