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    The Feng Shui Guide to Doors and Windows

    You may or may not have heard of Feng Shui. It’s an ancient Chinese art based on the idea that everything, including inanimate objects, has energy, and that energies can be harmonised according to their placement. Feng Shui is essentially a philosophical system for harmonising…

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    Modern Windows: 3 Functions Which Will Amaze You

    Windows do not only protect us from cold and heat, wind and noise of the street. Innovative technologies have already got to them as well. For instance, windows can monitor the temperature and get opened without your participation. And there’s even a computerized device, which…

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    Christmas Window Décorations for Every Taste & Pocket

    Christmas is approaching! And your view from the window is hardly festive? There are plenty of ways to cheer oneslef up with lovely window décor! Look at our collection of inspiring ideas!