• 1-3-mismatched-chairs-in-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design--one-model-in-different-colors-multicolo-painted-chairs

    How to Choose Mismatched Dining Chairs Tastefully: 7 Tips

    The modern furniture market is so rich and versatile that sometimes we find it difficult to choose a win-win option. Still, we have to make the final decision. Very often this challenge refers to dining chairs. There are so many beautiful and comfortable models available…

  • 10-shukhov-shabolovka-tower-inspired-designer-stool-wooden-modular-Russian-furniture-printed-on-3D-printer-item

    Designer Stool Produced by 3D Printer

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if famous architects got down to furniture design? Two Russian designers – Anna Strupinskaya and Aleksei Ivashkevich – tried to get a reply to this question.

  • 3-cool-with-wool-designer-stool-birch-wood-felted-wool

    Cool with Wool: Designer Stools from Norway

    A truly talented designer may draw inspiration from anything that surrounds him or her. It also refers to Aud Julie Befring, a young professional designer whose favorite source of ideas is the nature of her native land – Norway, the place where she was born,…

  • 6-round table

    Beautiful natural wood stool

    Beautiful wooden stool «Barstool 02″ with comfortable diagonal struts, the material that is used – ash. The design of this beautiful stool made ​​Matej Chabera, production Bohemia.