Contemporary Moscow Apartment in Light Colors and Natural Oak Featuring Swings and a Bath in the Bedroom

July 1, 2013
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The Hosts:
Alice, a PR-manager

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 108 m²
Ceiling height: 2.85 m

Alice bought an apartment in one of the “Moscow City” towers in 2006, when the construction activities in the complex were in full swing. For a season the development was hanging fire over the crisis, one more year was spent on the decoration. The owner had a clear view of what her future lodging would be and got down to planning the layout and interior décor immediately, under the guidance of her friend and professional architect Margaret Bezgina. By a compulsory decision of the hostess, the empty perimeter remained free of unnecessary walls, and the only wall between the bedroom and the lounge was supplemented with a large built-in glass. Adding to the openness of the space are floor to ceiling scenic windows and light-colored walls. Still, during the year of living here the owner started to miss small yards and old Moscow flats.

Alice was trying to use maximum of natural materials in the décor – flooring and ceiling are made of natural light oak.

The hostess was initially determined to do without wallpapering. All the walls in the lodging are concrete, with texture created by means of stucco and the brickwork effect created with the help of stone.

Sofa by BoConcept.

Firstly the workers built up a perfectly even brick wall, but on Alice’s request had to make it less neat. Stone for the brickwork effect was purchased on a common building materials market.

Almost all the furniture items of Italian and German brands were ordered in Russia, under the guidance of the architect. Kitchen set — Cezar. Embedded household appliances by Neff. Chairs standing in the dining room are custom-designed; soft covers along with the curtains are custom-made. Chandeliers by Artemide.

90 % of all decorative elements – pillows, candles, flowerpots, rugs – are Zara Home and IKEA.

Paper posy is a gift of Alice’s younger sister.

A tree was born in Alice’s imagination and materialized by a professional artist in 3D. Custom-made swings are the owner’s childhood dream.

The lodging features two bathrooms. The guest’s one is located in the lounge, opposite the walk-in closet.

Bed by BoConcept.

Moooi chandelier.

The hostess is quite satisfied with her bold plan to arrange a bath within the bedroom, although she confesses that she took it just a few times, preferring a shower cabin hidden behind the door.

A Duravit bath usually serves as a spa for friends, who come to relax in foam and listen to the music. By the way, the sound is connected to all the rooms and technical appliances are stored in a separate utility room.

Despite the impressive dimensions of the walk-in closet which has two exits, Alice has already filled it up.

The picture is a gift of Eugene Dugin, a graphic designer.

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