The kitchen in the red color

July 1, 2013
Posted in Kitchen

The red color is good for the human condition. The red color is well suited for the kitchen, he awakens great appetite, improves blood circulation and improves mood.

If you recall, it was all delicious red. When you create the interior you need to consider that the red should be minimal so as not to irritate. It is not necessary to use a red interior color as the background. The red color will blend well with bed shades. It is best to use in the kitchen warm and dark shades of burgundy – wine, pomegranate, brick and cherry.

The color palette of red color is very diverse from bright rich, vivid colors to the very pale red. Most use bright vivid colors. Dark red color is very rich and wealthy. Wooden fronts of every modern manufacturer present dark red color, and the color of the wine color. The kitchen in red colors often classic and best of all when they used wood. Forge Art Nouveau increasingly using plastic with a matte or glossy surface, most use color: black, white, red.

If the kitchen is red then the walls should be bedding shades, beige, light, do not use dark colors because they drown out the bright color of red. The most unusual solution and the combination of red and olive color combination in a light tone. If you would like to strongly highlight color, select a background color – white. The floor in the kitchen is to choose a more moderate color in browns or grays prefer. Certainly better to use only wooden surface for the floor in the kitchen.

If you are the adventurous type, select a general background of red color, and the details are highlighted in light, you should choose a headset and accessories in bright colors. Do not use rich coral color, the color should be restrained. Not necessarily to make repairs in the room enough to add a couple of interesting solutions such as color vinyl stickers.

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