Making your apartments in pastel colors

July 2, 2013
Posted in Apartments

Pastel colors in the interior are not bright and the colors are represented in an apartment or house. Pastel colors are well psychologically affects a person. Pastel colors are less emotional and more peaceful for psychology.
The interior in subtle pastel colors and light, creates comfort and warmth in the house. Pastel colors are well suited to any interior and style of the house.
Bedding colors go well with white flowers and can be diluted with a number of bright objects. The main advantage of bedding tones tends to vary in different lighting conditions. If the natural lighting in the home and day, the subjects and the interior will look brighter if the subject is in the shade it will be darker.

The dining table is hidden, or even from one side of the stairs, a desk, shelves and a tree made of wood.

Several areas of interest shared by white curtains that are simple curved shape but the curtains are not linked such an interesting quality fabric which takes a funny shape.

The workplace is on a small stage with the stairs, lined velvet carpet that covers the stairs creates a single space. Small and cozy sofa in which you can immerse yourself and browse through your favorite book. Smaller racks are at the podium, which is very convenient and user friendly.

A dining area with a beautiful arch in the wall. On the walls hung frame mirrors that reflect the kitchen. The dining table is made of glass with beautiful wrought-iron legs.

Stairs interesting rounded shape, with natural wood, of a bright living room, it leads to a dark kitchen with wooden floors made ​​of wood.

Toilet in dark colors with a predominance of black. Glossy black floor with white lines made ​​of natural stone. Toilet chrome, most are found in cafes, restaurants. Washbasin has a tube shape, takes up little space, nothing more.

The bedroom in green and milky, the arch in a pleasant minty color comfort zone where the rest hosts a warmer color. Bed – and hand-forged, the bed is a large suitcase, which makes its atmosphere is a feeling that at any time the hosts can pack up and leave on a trip.

Bathroom looks pretty romantic. Bathroom tiled with tiles in light pastel colors, arranged on the sides of the candles that creates a coziness and a special atmosphere, the owners even hung curtains exciting cherry color.

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