Small apartment in a country style

July 2, 2013
Posted in Apartments

Apartment in country style usually contains a variety of bedding tones but with different color accents. Most often, there is a range of autumn and spring colors, such as red, yellow, in different variations, and green. Country style unobtrusive and very kind. Country style is the most common fabrics and various textiles.

Fabrics used to be a bit old and not up to date. It is best to use natural wood, wicker items, furniture and wooden utensils in the kitchen will be very relevant. For the country – apartments need simplicity and ease, this is a feature of this style. In all country styles should be simple and without the unnecessary luxury in the interior.

Minimum and light romance, everything have to be simple and concise. Thin the interior can candles, big or small does not matter, they retain warmth and comfort.
The kitchen is particularly saturated with rustic country style, lots of dark wood, hung from the ceiling beams to which fastened lights. A special atmosphere is created by a plate placed on the shelves and clay pots.

Workplace in the kitchen bright tiled, and there is even a bar with wooden elements. A lot of wooden shelves and cabinets are also wooden.

In the living room a soft muted light, which is located near the sofa. Blinds near windows white calico with small flowers.

The dining area is separated from the living room very well, a good combination of colors and fabrics in the interior. Near the dining area there is a wooden bench made of wood.

Bedroom simple and convenient no unnecessary things and objects. The cabinet is made of dark wood. Ladies’ table simple and convenient beautiful box with beautiful patterns. Bed lay a beautiful white blanket.

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