The design soft green color in the interior

July 5, 2013
Posted in Kitchen

Light green kitchen or any other room in the room will bring freshness and a little cool in the summer day, or remind you of a juicy green apple. Juicy, bright light green tint energize and invigorate in the morning and in the evening will relax.

Light green color can be used not only on the walls, but also in furniture, kitchen in watercolor shades will make it bright and cheerful. Furniture green color dilutes the ordinary working life. Or, you can select one wall to paint it in bright shades of light green color.

The advantageous option kitchen is a modern kitchen, which is well suited for unusual shapes, bold colors. Occasionally gentle light green shades are used in the classical style or country style. Light green color can brighten any kitchen if we have the right approach.

Light green color – light, bright, the color of spring and summer, it is fresh and enjoyable. It is worth remembering that this color is so different shades to it should be approached with great caution.

When choosing a green color, something to pick one, or furniture, or painted walls. If you cannot spend a large amount on the furniture, or repair of the room, you can pick out some bright green accessories: lamps, rugs, plants, dishes, towels, vases.

When you select a very bright light green furniture accessory to choose calm and not as flashy and bright. Light green shades go well with metallic and silvery color. When choosing a countertop is better to give preference to the glass surface or the surface of the natural dark or light wood. The glass or porcelain dishes also will look good in any kitchen is the lime color.

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