The fireplace in unusual places

July 8, 2013
Posted in Decor

Bio-fireplace – a basic and a new direction in design. Safe fuel and reliable design look very harmonious. The design allows you to tame the fire and be done with it warm and cozy home.

Custom element in the design will look great with a good mix or living room, office. Designer accent emphasizes the refined interior of the house.

The bio – fireplace is made of tempered glass and thick, and is attached to a solid structure that is glued together by special technology.

The most important thing in the design is that it is a high-temperature strength, which increases its operation, and safety in operation.

Ease of bio fireplaces is that it does not require a chimney and, therefore, easier to install it without further tomorrow as simple fireplaces require the installation of the chimney, which is much more difficult.

Pro’s Bio-fireplace to use biofuels, which increases its ecologic. The fireplace does not require the purchase of wood and storing them, and most importantly there is no smoke from biofuel soot on the walls and drainage.

Fireplace functional and convenient because it can serve as an element of decor, and looks good in any environment. On sale is a lot of bio fireplaces in different shapes and designs and also sizes.

Fireplaces are: miniature models, corner, table and desk, and a recessed, floor and others.  Bio Fireplaces even arranges not only at home, but even in the garden or on the terrace. Through innovation of our world, you can even order a stand for a fireplace on wheels, and then the fire will be put even in any room, such as the bathroom and create an unusual romantic atmosphere.

Diverse styles will choose a fireplace for every taste and color in a classic style and in any original style. What’s more, you can use a variety of materials: wood, metal, ceramics, leather and others.

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