The interior in the style of pop art

July 9, 2013
Posted in Decor

Bright and colorful posters of Marilyn Monroe’s or Coca Cola on the walls with all the colors of the rainbow refer to a style of pop – art. Pop art – contemporary art and scandal, this trend emerged in the 50′s of last century in England. Pop art – is fun, shocking, usually things look very cheap but catchy.

Many home owners and do mostly pop art style used by young people. In the style of pop art using inexpensive home furnishings, but very bright. Prefer this style of extravagant personalities who are not afraid to experiment and love bright.

Most often, the style of pop art is used in a bar or cafe, for the interior of a pleasure to watch, but a little hard to live. Style pop art often uses the most vibrant colors and different sizes. If you decide to create a style of pop art in the apartment, use pictures and posters of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and other artists of the time. A preference in the furniture is better to give a smooth and glossy objects. The color palette is better to give preference rosy, juicy and acidic colors. Between the colors should not be a harmony as in a classical setting.

The main color used in the interior – white, and it is added to the colorful paintings and objects, furniture and accessories. Pop art is above all hand-made. Furniture and all the things you can do to their hands. For example a vase can be done from any glass jars or bottles, shade cloth, or none, or even disks. Welcome furniture in plastic. Cabinets are generally not used, since everything is on open shelves. Recently, this lovely bright style is increasingly being used by those who love freedom, positive, and extreme.

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