The most beautiful vase for the kitchen

July 9, 2013
Posted in Decor

Beautiful vases adorn not only the interior of your home, but also will make a special decoration for the kitchen. Vase can match any interior, because there are many different colors, shapes, and the vase can be purchased from any material.

Common use of the vase in the kitchen to store fruits. If you think about it, the vase can be used for a variety of tracks that will be highly relevant and effective look.

If you connect your imagination you can make yourself a decorative vase and with his own hands. Just buy the glass phase, or a wooden or clay in its purest form. It is necessary to highlight the complicated forms, and original. And use some ribbons and draw a picture paints or decorate beads.A glass vase can be diversified by adding bright glass stones that will play with light in the interior. Beautifully combined not only the colored stones, pebbles and simple, preferably rounded, white or gray, you can lay out the layers or mixed together. A couple of sprigs of green fern will do all the furnishings decorate a room, give it a fresh look. Select different shapes and sizes of vases were not the same. Not necessarily to use fresh flowers, dried flowers also look interesting and beautiful.

Vases of making ​​themselves bring into the house of unusual and warm ambiance. If you cannot make yourself a vase, or lacks imagination check vases of excellent products from Ikea they have a very interesting and specific vase.

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