One-Room Apartment of a Young Girl with a Delicate Bathroom, a Spring-Inspired Ktchen, Numerous Motley Details Against the White Background and Animalistic Theme in the Decor

July 10, 2013
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The Hostess:
Olga — a “Floors Loft Project” administrator, a curator of “Children’s Time” masterclasses

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 38 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m

6 months ago Olga moved in a one-room apartment on Vasilievsky Island, which came to her through her Grandma. The renovation process was launched with the demolition of shaky and crooked walls. Unwilling to make any changes in the layout, Olga just had new walls built in place of old partitions. Within a few months the hostess became an expert on all renovation details and even started to buy building materials by herself.

The interior design was worked by Olga. Parents just helped her in choosing the furniture with no obtrusion of their own ideas. Almost everything was bought from IKEA, while small stuff was brought by the owner from travels or given to her by friends.

Most of her spare time Olga spends in the kitchen, which features loads of books on gastronomy and numerous kitchen utensils. When it’s time for a home party, the kitchen gets illuminated by a searchlight, which turns and glows with multicolored bulbs. Located right by the kitchen is a roomy balcony, which is temporarily used as a storage spot. Turning it into a relaxation lounge zone with potted plants and a hammock stands first on Olga’s agenda. A spacious bedroom is sometimes used as a living room: when friends come, a recessed bed is curtained with dense blinds.

Motley foxy curtains were made of IKEA fabric by Olga and her Mom. In general the flat includes loads of animalistic details.

When the hostess receives guests, the bed gets curtained with a special blind.

A Saturn-shaped lamp was purchased by Olga in IKEA kid’s department for her friend, but in the end she left it for herself.

A fox on the wall was made of wood with the help of baking cups. It holds rings and chains. Soft toys — a lemur, Mr. Brylia, Mr. Broccoli and Mr. String — join Olga in each of her travels.

A player along with records was taken from a friend, who was about to throw it away.

A fox was knitted by a friend- an author of stories for children, a bear is a friend’s housewarming present, and cards were prepared by the hostess herself.

White furniture was assumed as a basis for the interior, which was later refreshed with multiple many-colored details.

Chairs and a watch were purchased in Kare show room.

The picture author is one of the regular customers of “Children’s Time” masterclasses, which the hostess organizes in “Floors Loft Project”. The biography of her culinary guru Gordon Ramsay was brought by Olga from London.

The windowsill is beautified with basil, parsley, caraway, oregano, sage and kalanchoe. Recently inspired by a novel of Joris-Karl Huysmans “À rebours”, Olga also wishes to plant here orchids.

A huge lop-eared cat Favorite is a temporary guest, his hosts are currently away on business.

Bottles on the top shelves are the first step towards making a home bar.

Small stuff saves memories of Olga’s travels, friends and interesting events.

The owner started keeping a red munchkin kitten Tishtarka not so long ago. His legs are twice as short as an average cat’s ones.

The cat enjoys bike rides in a basket of Schwinn.

The pride of the room is a mirror illuminated from both sides like in a dressing room.

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