Open and Very Light Modern-and-Classic Apartment with a Garret Bed and a Studio Featuring a Ballet Barre

July 11, 2013
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The Hosts:
Luba, a co-owner of Showroom11 distribution company
Oleg, a manager of “Shuiskaya Harbor” yacht club

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 72 m²
Ceiling height: 4 m

Two years ago Luba and her Mom sold their apartment in order to buy 2 separate lodgings. At first moving to the city centre was outside Luba’s plans, but on lighting on a for-sale ad of an apartment on Drovyanoy Lane she decided to take a look at it. Eventually she immediately fell in love with a merchant’s house of early 19th century, which could boast a small garden and a roomy parking. Its second floor was occupied by an old communal apartment, which once used to shelter three families.

Judging by the walled-up windows this was an ex-attic floor. At the moment of purchase the flat wasn’t entirely satisfying: three tiny rooms, grimy ceilings – it obviously needed major overhaul. The hostess was determined to do her best in making the space as open as possible: she had most of the interior walls torn down, partially scrubbed the old brickwork with hallmarks, and painted the rest of the walls snow-white. By the way, the house includes just 4 apartments, two of which are inhabited by architects. That’s very convenient in point of improving the public space and the near-by territory.

For the sake of maximum openness of the space Luba decided to have most of the walls torn down. Isolated was just a studio, which gradually became a bedroom.

A sofa was quite costly: filled up with down, it’s the most expensive item in the apartment.

A sofa, a padded stool and an arm-chair in Provence style were found in an interior-décor shop across the street.

Curtains come from IKEA.

A chandelier was the first thing bought for the hallway, which actually determined the choice of the rest of the interior stuff presented in this room.

A kitchen set was made by a Russian manufacturer. A carpet from Venice is a business partner’s gift.

Within the first 6 months, when there was no bed in the flat, the hostess frequently slept on the windowsill.

A horse was presented by Podium shop.

As a student Luba used to lend a helping hand to an artist’s studio in Kolomenskoye museum: washed the dishes and sat up anights. In return they gave her free painting lessons. All pictures adorning the lodging are her creations.

The hostess has always dreamed of having a window in the bathroom – it reminds her of Paris.

Bath and toilet equipment, which would suit by price and quality, was found after long searches in Obi.

Bath is made of molded marble.

An African figurine was brought by Dad from a business trip.

A garret bedroom is the most multifunctional space in the flat. Firstly Luba projected to arrange here a studio, but after her husband moved in and refused flatly to sleep in a big room, she had to organize the bedroom area on the second level.

A couch also came from an interior showroom across the street.

Sleeping in a cockloft turned out to be not only comfortable but also enjoyable.

A small room features a ballet barre and a collection of books. Sometimes it also serves as a studio — it’s even equipped with an air-filtering and a flue system to avoid dye-stuff- and solvent-poisoning.

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