The white color in vintage house

July 11, 2013
Posted in Apartments

The Modern Architect Alexander White gave this interior in 1920, but made the it in a modern way, but leaving the flavor of the time. The designer of the last century has left the front door to large, high ceilings, attractive architectural details.

With modern décor combines white walls with bright color spots around the interior and with the help of bright objects lends a fun and positive atmosphere. This house special attention is isolated stained-glass windows that add special interest and make the interior a magical and soothing as the room goes for plenty of natural light.

The whole house, a low and a small furniture, because the ceiling is very low and is at an angle, thereby expanding the space.

Equipped kitchen was created by designer GED Kuchinov. Kitchen and living room separated by a small white pillar that blocks the dining table in the kitchen and in the living room. In a very nice table, you can retire with a cup of tea or coffee, or read a magazine.

The spacious hallway allows you to store a lot of things that can be always the right time to hand. Hangers colorful and fun shapes enliven the corridor.

Children’s room is a spacious and comfortable for the child, there is no unnecessary items and furniture with sharp edges that may cause injury, even chairs and smooth streamlined shape. In the Room even has a children’s wigwam.

A bedroom is small, but very comfortable, white ceiling is tilted and is aimed at the bed to expand the space, the wall opposite the bed was hung in the calm blue wallpaper with fun patterns that make the room brighter and more interesting.

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