A magnificent mansion in São Paulo

July 15, 2013
Posted in Apartments

The magnificent house and its interior were designed by the studio of contemporary PUPO + GASPAR Architecture & Interior. This private home is located in one of the villages in the San Paolo.

The house is divided into two parts, one is separated from the rest and the second part of the living space. The sitting area has a large swimming pool and even a huge football field. This house has everything from the kitchen to the spacious gym, and even an elevator.

Near the house is a large summer terrace with a convenient and comfortable furniture, their natural material, wicker chairs and sashes and coffee tables made of wood, glass table top.

Living room with beautiful bright paintings directed opposite the dining area, which will contribute to a good appetite.

Living room with bright colors, a table made of wood, low and very interesting, located greens, creates a feeling of real wood in the house.

The bar counter is located in the middle of the room, which is designed for three people.

Stairway illuminates a soft light that is scattered from a nice lamp with beautiful holes.

The bedroom is large and comfortable bed, hanging in front of the TV before bedtime can watch your favorite movie or just relax and listen to music.

An abundance of cabinets that hid unnecessary space. One cabinet decorate mirrors to expand the space.

The bathroom is large and very large as a big room. Washbasin is very long and white, is almost the entire length of the room.

The bathroom includes a table in order to be able to make up and freshen up.

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