Spacious apartment in the Tokyo

July 15, 2013
Posted in Apartments

These apartments are prepared RCK Design Studio which is located in Tokyo. The house fills an abundance of daily sunlight that soothes and balances. The layout of the house is functional, despite its compact size, all rooms in the white spaces can be traced variety of pastel colors.

The house uses photovoltaic system, which makes the house environmentally friendly and saves energy savings.

The interior of the house is very simple but stylish, with no unnecessary items in the house. In this house you can hide and have a good rest after a hard day’s work.

Living room in white, on the floor of a nice terry rug milky. Desk with pullout stand for a laptop or food.

Opposite the sofa is located in the hidden shelves are hidden things on shelves placed small pots.

The kitchen is small but cozy, round table expands the space. Furniture in the kitchen is also white.

A small island or work area is adjacent to a round dining table.

Dining table rests on one leg, as it is attached to a working island, and is collapsible, so it can be folded and enlarge the space.

A staircase leads to the second floor is made of light wood, with a beautiful white metal railings.

On the second floor there is a small work space, a glass wall closes the hole with a ladder.

Bedroom with white color, different bright color plaid, which dilutes the whole interior. The LCD screen can be hidden out of the closet. On the walls hang funny and vivid pictures with persons unknown people.

Bathroom in gray, and a shower and there is even a small sauna, a special bench where you can relax.

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