Airy and Tender Studio Apartment Designed with Meditation in Mind and Equipped with a Hammock in the Kitchen and a Home Photo Studio

July 16, 2013
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The Hosts:
Alexandra, an artist
Sergey, a glider pilot

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 52 m²
Ceiling height: 32 m
Floor number: 12

Alexandra and Sergey have rented a dwelling in northern Kiev for just 4 months. Taking interest in meditation and creative work, the young people were looking for a moderately furnished apartment with a light-colored décor. Thus, a one-room apartment of Alexandra’s friend, who left Kiev for Canada, suited them in the best way possible.

The dwelling is furnished with the landlady’s items – brought were just household appliances and personal stuff. Decorative things were purchased in Kiev or brought from travels. Alexandra is an artist by profession, but her and Sergey’s passion for photography accounts for the presence of a photo background and studio lamps.

What the roomers love about this apartment most of all is its openness, restrained colors in décor and, as they say, an even and soft mood of the space. The guys are fascinated with oriental culture, so you will never find them engaged in a loud party – just quiet music and art. Small details were picked up with future positiveness and relaxation in mind. And with it many things depict individuality and different hobbies of each of them.

A screen separating a bed from the public zone was found in Decor el Home shop.

A bedside table features a set of brush felt pens, filled with watercolors, so that any time Alexandra feels inspiration she could start painting then and there.

Breakfast table by Butlers.

The idea of putting a hammock in the kitchen actually belonged to the landlady, but Alexandra and Sergey went for it. When friends come, the hammock gets rolled and the disengaged space gets filled with multiple bean bag chairs.

A Leica telescope, through which the guys watch other people’s lives, came to Sergey from England through his uncle, whose went for firing practice.

A mud board was bought from the Internet.

Alexandra and Sergey’s passion for photography occupied the widest wall with a photo studio equipment and an adjustable background of white and gray colors.

The wall cabinet holds versatile books and Sergey’s collection of vintage cameras, mainly Polaroid ones of different model years.

Alexandra is fond of travelling and decorating her house with souvenirs from all over the world. These signboards arrived from Amsterdam.

Sergey is a proud owner of a set of tiny motorcycles, each model of which is a version of his real BMW 1200 C.

A meditating dog was bought in Nanu-Nana shop in Germany.

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