Spacious one bedroom apartment in Sweden

July 17, 2013
Posted in Apartments

Wonderful one bedroom apartment located: functional and large living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and a large balcony. The entire interior of the apartment – in classic Scandinavian style, white walls with smooth surface, light wood floors, large windows, a well of natural light and large doors.  This apartment is bright and cozy, with a touch of color in the winter you can lift your mood and do not think about the cool weather outside.

In the kitchen, with a living room with a dining table a lot of bright objects that blend in with the white walls and furniture. The white color reflects well the bright colors, and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

The kitchen is done in modern style, using practical and comfortable furniture in white plastic.

The combination of gentle colors gives a feeling of calm and relaxation.

The living room, lots of space, and there is a volume of furniture. In this room, use a maximum of white. In the interior, standard items – artificial fur animal paintings in a black frame attracted an interesting chandelier – bell with standard lamps of different colors are the main decoration of the living room. A small work area – functional and easy to use. Wooden desk, computer, lamp simplest things that dilutes the fun bright green chair.

The bedrooms are quiet white color, no bright spots are all very succinctly and survived. Of furniture in the room is available – a large bed, a comfortable chair, a wardrobe and a chair.

The most popular and interesting place in the house balcony with bright objects. Bright decorative pillows, rugs handmade, white wood furniture stands out and attracts.

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