Minimalist-Style Apartment: Monochrome, Light & Airy, Refreshed with House Plants and Organic Pebbles Theme

July 18, 2013
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The Hosts:
Helen, an artist, the author of “M.EL Studio Interior Art” project
Alexander, engaged in engineering business

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 122 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m\
Floor number: 4

Alexander bought an apartment in a house-to-be in Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow three years ago. His fancy was caught by a convenient location of the district and a great number of schools and kindergartens available in the neighborhood, which is a topical issue for the young family’s future. After the building activities were finished, the empty concrete perimeter with two recessed balconies faced an eight-month renovation period. The style concept of the lodging was determined by the hosts from the very beginning – minimalism with no overloading details, airy and open.

Being an architect by profession, Helen had no problem finding skillful architects. The hosts immediately found a common language with them: designated the functional issues and correlated the aesthetic component with the help of related photos picked up by Helen on Contemporist Web-site. Thus came a nice team work: Helen took an active part in architectural and interior décor issues, while Alexander was helpful in engineering matters. The question of microclimate turned out quite pressing after two recessed balconies were added to the living space – thus one of the walls actually became a huge panoramic window, which stands sunlit all day long.

The central spot of the lodging is a kitchenette. Hidden behind a glass door opposite is a tight utility room used for storing Alexander’s hockey outfit.

The embedded shelves were made from the architects’ drawings. Besides a TV-set and a cabinet for storing equipment, it features a bio-fireplace by Planika. A famous standard lamp by Flos serves a decorative purpose — it wasn’t switched on for a year already.

Pebbles theme was suggested by the architect and supported with decorative padded stools.

Coffee table by BoConcept, sofa by Flexform.

Italian kitchen set with glossy surfaces and an island with corian table tops are custom-made. Lamps— Artemide, chairs — Lapalma.

Table with a marble top — Alivar. Chairs — Bross. A dish was brought by friends from Spain.

At present the glass-walled room serves as a studio for painting, but it was initially projected to be a kid’s room.

A wall faced with dark veneer sheets hides a small walk-in closet.

Black bedside lamps by Flexform arrived from Paris.

A TV-set on a supporting arm can be easily adjusted for watching movies in the bath. The easel features the owner’s self-portrait.

Bathroom is the only room in the flat with a lowered ceiling: it was equipped with a ventilation and a channel air-conditioning, designed and installed by Moscow Engineering Centre.

Organic pebbles concept is also present in the bedroom décor. A glass wall in the natural corner is meant for visual expansion of the space.

A pet, which was already noticed on images, is the oriental shorthair Kuzya. The entire parquetry is natural oak.

Bathroom and shower finish is made of natural marble. According to the hosts, under such conditions its difference from artificial materials is felt especially strongly: it gets warm in a quite different way and gives great tactile sensations. Bath by Duravit.

Pedestal sink by Antonio Lupi.

Concealed behind a glass door is one more room with a tropical shower.

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