10 beautiful variety of winter gardens

July 25, 2013
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4-garden with a swimming pool

Winter Garden – a dream of anyone who loves summer, greens, and of course nature. Summer time is associated with a sense of joy, warmth, and comfort, greens on everywhere and lots of sunshine. Before you create a winter garden of the house is well worth thinking and make your dream day and summer house.


And a secluded little spot under the stairs can be beat, using a small area with a winter garden. Soft illumination will help freshen the place that will host the winter garden.

9-long greenhouse

This picturesque greenhouse is used as a winter garden to extend the summer days, and enjoy the wonderful aroma of beautiful flowers.

6-many plants

Also a good option can be a winter garden and an annexe to the house, where you can arrange the flowers and various plants. All the plants are placed along the windows. You can get on a soft couch and relax.


The floor in this wonderful conservatory laid out in a checkerboard pattern, and gives the impression of unusual and interesting area. Sex on the background of green looks very luxurious and interesting. In this greenhouse plant evenly positioned on the wall.

2-white bends

This winter garden designed a special and interesting design, which was the main feature of the garden. The design is very modern and artsy, white curtains separate the space perfectly.

5-plush armchair

The interior of the winter garden is in the east and the bohemian style that speaks of a beautiful combination of interior and beautifully designed interior makes this an exotic garden.

7-beautiful dome

This conservatory is divided into multiple zones, work area, and the comfort zone, the design looks stylish and modern, but through the glass roof will be great to pass the rays of the sun.

10-steep stairs

The small space near the stairs, and behind a glass partition with a winter garden.

3-many plants

Perfectly situated courtyard garden, beautiful furniture translucent roof allows sunlight to penetrate. In the shade of large palm trees to hide from the sun.

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