The green house with a variety of plants in Vietnam

July 25, 2013
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1-The green house with a variety of plants in Vietnam

This amazing house is located in one of the villages of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, which is very thick and densely populated. This town is home to more than seven million Vietnamese. This city is a true metropolis, the house is a lot of concrete high-rises and other elements in a contemporary style. In this town always want to see or track the greens, but it unfortunately very few plants, and so designers invented and developed the house with lots of greenery on the balcony.

2-white House

Designers Vietnamese architecture bureau created and developed an amazing project very unusual house with a beautiful vegetation that stands out in its uniqueness and bright colors of natural greenery. The whole house is 80 square meters, and each window has been left to chance and is decorated with plants.

3-room on the ground floor

Such passion is and among the poor, but not everyone can afford to grow plants on the windowsill, as they are not short of money, it all depends on the rarity.

4-beautiful bedroom

Flora and a variety of plants can also be seen on the window sills and various shops and shopping centers.

5-gray bathroom

Arrange the plants on the window sills of all one of the traditions in Vietnam, and spread it for a long time. This hobby has become very popular among many residents of the town.

6-dining area

7-many plants

8-a lot of light in the room

9-many plants

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