Vivid details in the interior of the attic

July 29, 2013
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1-children's loft

The most attractive room can often prove to be the favorite in the house, and as strange as it may not be a room in the attic. It is difficult to determine why she was so attracted to him and has. The room in the attic, most likely associated with the magical and mysterious attic is a space where you can hide from all the rest and feel comfortable.

Often, the attic is not used for its intended purpose, and there are simply stored the old and useless things. But those who appreciate the space makes it very stylish rooms, and effectively use every inch of available space. Attic – a place sometimes a little difficult to get to, and climb messy and time consuming and usually visit the room is very rare.

Attic hardest place to be the most difficult to arrange. Attic – is a room that can be used as a beautiful living room and a lounge with a hammock and a comfortable seating area.

Most often – a simple living room, it all depends on the size of the house and a place in the room. You can also make a room for rest, in order to be able to relax, lay down on the couch, reading a book, or just take a nap. Loft can be used as a bedroom, hiding bright daylight dark canopy. If you’re a book or a newspaper, organize room as a library.

Important to use the attic for both children and adults as well as children love to climb in the attic. A good option is the organization of the workplace where you can put your computer and work in a quiet environment. The most difficult choice, but it is a very interesting organization of the kitchen or bathroom. You can view some of the ideas in the photos and decide what you will be interesting.

2-bedroom in the attic

3-white loft

4-wardrobe in the attic

5-Easy cherdok

6-green attic

7-two beds

8-orange bed

9-workplace and the bed

10-Living in the attic

11-beautiful window

12-gray sofa

13-Place to Stay

14-romantic attic

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