The magnificent house of Emir Kusturica

July 31, 2013
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The famous film director Emir Kusturica built a house in ethnic styles and equipped like the whole village. In addition to the house Emir put all the money in this unusual village. All the houses are similar to a minimum and there are about 30. Thus, Emir Kusturica, embodied in their lives, not the images that are presented to him during filming.

2-interesting roof

This village is located in Serbia called Snowstorm. In the house of the Emir Lives almost alone, while his wife lives and works in Paris, next to it is the son who lives next door.

3-beautiful terrace

Near the entrance are beautiful gate with a colorful carpet of a beautiful tree. Also in the village there is a small church. The basic idea of the director, paving pressed to the ground.

4-beautiful white window

Lovely house Emir Kusturica is located in the heart of the village, in the heart of a residential house on the location of the main inferior and inferior.

5-outdoor seating

In a village in the area is the old car Emir Kusturica.

6-simple fireplace

The house is located just Eco fireplace made of natural material, on the mantel is an icon, and delivered a cozy leather chair where guests can relax.

7-cozy sofa

In the village, even a restaurant for guests and tourists who can buy it in a tasty homemade jam and cream to taste homemade.

8-great guitar

In winter, the plans to create a village close to ski slopes to attract more tourists.


All homes built in this village was invented by Amir, he did not like to wander into the hotel, and other cities, he tired of it and over the years has decided to grow roots to its cozy accommodation, not to hang from the city.

10-living room

The house in which they live a simple country style, but that is suitable for modern life.

11-dining table

The house consists of three small pieces, and has a large patio.

12-working area

On the ground floor there is a sitting area, large spacious kitchen, living room, dining area connected.

13-working area

Under a small roof there is a small two-level loft, and on the first floor is the master bedroom on the second floor guest bedrooms.


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