How to Make the Most of your Small Kitchen Space

August 1, 2013
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Organise Kitchen Space

Many of us would agree that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and the focal point of everything that you do as a family. But what happens if your kitchen is no bigger than a cupboard? Okay well maybe a little extreme but this isn’t uncommon, especially in the city. Do you simply accept that the kitchens functionality will be severely hindered by the lack of space? Absolutely not. There’s no reason to let a small kitchen get in the way of cooking or entertaining guests, however careful planning is undeniably crucial in ensuring every inch is made to work. The steps outlined below will give you a clearer indication on how to overcome your kitchen space dilemmas.

With limited kitchen space you can’t afford to be a hoarder. The first thing on your to-do list is to get rid of any unwanted kitchenware, set yourself a rule that if you don’t use it daily, put it away! Your kitchen can be made to feel even more crammed with countless unnecessary appliances visible on the counters. Using the rule set above – you are able to conclude that realistically, the only appliances that you use on a daily basis would be the coffee machine and the toaster (even then – how often do you really have toast?!) If you don’t use the appliance daily either donate it to someone that would, or store it tidily out of sight, thus creating more crucial worktop space.


Buy Only What’s Essential
Not only does this apply to kitchenware, but also to food. Having a vast shopping list and storing lots of long-life food is fine if you have the space, but not if you don’t, and you don’t! Try to reduce the amount in storage by only buying food that’s in season or ingredients that you can use in a variety of different recipes.

Buy only whats essential

Increase Storage
Cleverly designed storage solutions could well be your saviour, transforming your kitchen from being cluttered and overcrowded to spacious and organized. For example investing in a kitchen cart, kitchen islands or utility tables could be ideal for your storage solution needs. Additionally if you have wall space, installing shelves and kitchen cabinets are simple ways to increase storage space and keep unnecessary items out of the way.

Increase Storage

Get a Professional’s Advice
The tips above can only go so far in solving your kitchen space dilemma. They’re quick, easy and cost effective options that can be done by almost anybody. However, an alternative is to get a professional’s advice. People are often reluctant to use a kitchen design specialist because they associate this with added expense. However, contrary to popular belief, kitchen design specialists will allow you to maximize your budget, by giving you money-saving industry insight and helping you steer clear of pricey mistakes. In addition to this, their expertise and experience will help you understand how different elements of your kitchen will fit together and how best to make the most of your limited space.

If you are to take this route, start your search for a professional kitchen design company by asking friends and family. Recommendations are a good way to ensure the credibility, value and professionalism of the company you select. Once this has been decided upon, the process can begin!

Author Bio: Neil Oakes is a passionate writer with a keen interest in home improvement and DIY. Neil is a contributing writer for – experts in bespoke handmade kitchens.

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