A two-room apartment in a classical style with Provence elements

August 2, 2013
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Vadim — a HR-director,
Yura — a commercial director


Vadim and Yura purchased the apartment in a house of 1917 on the 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street three years ago: they wanted to live near the center and to create a dream interior. Nothing pressed them and they devoted the first half year to the development of architectural design with strict examination: they decided not to make a radical relayout, but to combine the kitchen with the living-room, and the bathroom with the toilet. Due to it they managed to keep authenticity and the spirit of the old apartment, and a thought-out zoning made it possible to extend the space of a small area visually.

The owners could move into their new dwelling only at the beginning of this year, though the most part of finishing works had been finished during the first year after the purchase. It took much time to wait for all wooden finishing elements, and also wardrobes, doors, which were made to order from the architect’s scratch.

3-black wallpaper

There were no disputes concerning the style of the future space – the classical style with Provence elements corresponded to plans to live here happily and comfortably for a long time. The owners had very strict requirements to the finishing. They liked the variant suggested by the architect Oksana Sosnovskaya for its academic approach and perfectionism. Besides Oksana proved her worth as a supervisor, exercising control over the workers and solving different technical issues.

4-beautiful chandelier

All wooden elements in the finishing, and also doors and wardrobes were made to order from the architect’s scratches. Moreover, each detail, like fillets and edges, was made separately and then several layers of paint were applied on the wood. The sofa in the corridor is Selva.

5-English Bulldog

Ornamental wallpaper was ordered at an American company Thibaut. The clock was brought from the previous apartment and it blended in with a new interior. All ceiling and bracket lamps in the apartment (there are 35 pieces of them here) were bought at a time in “Three Whales”. Polyurethane forms for mouldings are “Ampir-Décor”. One more dweller of the apartment is the English bulldog Mika.

6-mirror-like surfaces

All mirrors in the apartment were made by “Moscow Mirror Factory” from the architect’s scratch. The use of mosaic from mirrors with facets adds to the volume of narrow corridors.

7-small kitchen

The use of different textures and colours enlarges the space visually. Italian decorative plaster De Marco was used for the kitchen zone finishing. The owners had had doubts about colour combination until the last moment, but when all wooden elements were ready, an ideal picture arose, just as the architect had promised.

8-round table

The owners wanted to use natural materials wherever possible. The parquet board is jatoba wood which turns red in the course of time. The kitchen tabletop and the splash back over the cooker, which Yura laid by himself, are from natural granite.

9-interesting cases

A red coffee machine Nespresso bought long before moving to a new apartment didn’t blend in with the interior. Yura solved this task with the help of mosaic, bought in Obi, a fork, plaster, and a marker

10-kitchen in the style of Provence

Decorative and functional cans were found in “Air de Provence” salon.


Numerous lamps were screwed in by the owners themselves, because electricians announced a three days’ corporate party in Pre-New Year period. Audio system is built into the ceiling. This made it possible to save the space, and the music can be heard even in the bathroom.

13-red walls

The sofa and the pouf are Home Spirit. The blue sofa looked differently on the site, that’s why it was necessary to sew covers from Mexican fabric with “cucumber” pattern. Finally it played into the hands: light upholstery extended the space visually, and the pattern set the tone to further decor. The fabric is from “Teatr Tkaney” salon.

14-window in the wall

A circular window in the wall between the corridor and the living-room is one more finding, which made it possible to add unity to spaces on the one hand, and to extend the width of the living-room zone on the other hand.


Textile for curtains with pheasants and pattern, which has something in common with the sofa and pouf upholstery, was ordered in “The 5th Avenue” salon. Clip holders of 1930 for curtains were found and sent by friends from Luxembourg.

16-beautiful curtains


 The sculpture “Fatherhood” of the French manufactory Lladro is a present from friends on a housewarming party.


The balcony for the owners is a piece of Nice, where they like to meet friends and to take wine by candlelight. Plants grow in pots here. There was even an attempt to plant a garden in front of the house, but someone dug out fern, juniper, and lilac very soon. Sandstone tile was bought in the similarly named salon at Artplay.


The wallpaper in the bedroom is American line Thibaut. The bed-head is made from ordinary picture frame – the owners thought up such unusual solution together with the architect.


 Bedside tables are Selva. The lamps were found in the antique salon Comics Bazar in Rome.



 The favourite cat figurine was brought from Vladivostok.


  Cloth-base wallpaper is French line Thibaut. A household case and a wardrobe are inbuilt from the left so that not to clutter up the living space.


  A wrought stack, as well as the furniture for the balcony, was ordered at Moscow-area manufacturer. Calacata was used in the bathroom finishing.


 Mirrors are fixed by the same principle as in the entrance hall, though they had troubles with facets: the manufacturer could not repeat the scratch several times.


The panel from granite, malachite, and lasurite was made to order.




 The angel Lladro is a present to Vadim





Sometimes the secretary in the corridor turns into a working place.


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