One bedroom apartment in Obolon with the background for photo

August 2, 2013
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1-single-room apartment

A single-room apartment on Obolonsky prospect with a background for photographing, a hammock in the kitchen, and a collection of vintage cameras.

Alexandra – and artist,
Sergey – a glider pilot


Alexandra and Sergey moved into a rental apartment on Layosha Gavro street four months ago. A young couple is keen on meditation and creativity, that’s why they were looking for an apartment not cluttered with solid furniture and with quiet colours in the finishing. A single-room apartment of Sasha’s friend who had moved to live in Canada was eminently suited.
All furniture fell to them from the hostess, only home appliances and personal things were brought here. Décor items were bought in Kiev shops and brought from trips. Alexandra is a professional artist, but she is fond of photography as well as Sergey does, that’s why a background for photographing and lighting equipment was installed in the apartment.


Present hosts like free space in the apartment, quiet colours in the finishing, and according to their words – a uniform and soft mood of all dwelling most of all. The couple is keen on Oriental culture, they meditate regularly, that’s why calm music often plays in the apartment. The hosts prefer artistry to noisy parties. They tried to select minor décor details so that they help to tune into a positive mood and internal tranquillity. But they also found place for things reflecting personal character and interests of both of them.

3-tea service

The folding screen separating the bed from the main space was found in the shop Decor el Home. There is a set of brushy felt pens filled with water paints on a bedside table, so that Alexandra can paint at any time when an inspiration invades. A breakfast table was bought in Butlers.

4-beautiful hammock

The idea to hang a hammock in the kitchen belonged to a former hostess of the apartment, but Alexandra and Sergey liked such solution. When guests come, the hammock is wrapped and bean bags are scattered through a free space.


A telescope Leica from which the couple sometimes watches the life of others was brought from England and fell to Sergey from his uncle who practiced shooting.

6-kitchen with living room

A board for chalk drawing was bought in the shop “Komod”.


Alexandra and Sergey are keen on photography, that’s why they installed equipment – lighting equipment and a falling white and grey background – for professional photography on the widest wall.


Books and a collection of vintage cameras which Sergey collects were located in a built-in wardrobe. Cameras are mainly Polaroid of different production years.

9-model Airplanes

Alexandra likes to travel and always tries to bring something from trips. These signboards are from Amsterdam.


Sergey has a small collection of motorcycle models, where each model is a variation of his present motorcycle BMW 1200 C.

11-beautiful bathroom

A meditating dog was bought in Germany in Nanu-Nana shop.

12-beautiful bathroom

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