The bathroom in the French style

August 5, 2013
Posted in Bathroom

1-elegant bathroom

In today’s world of choices bathroom is one of the biggest challenges and solutions. In stores now, will find an extensive selection and a wide range of products, different size, color, shape.

When choosing a cast iron bath in the French style is worth paying attention to quality, price and longevity. The cast-iron bath should look good in your bathroom if you choose the right size and shape.The pros cast-iron bathtub is that it keeps the temperature of the longest-located water in the bathroom. Thanks to a cast iron bath is easy to save, reducing hot water consumption.

A form iron bath may be from oval to square. Cast iron baths are as recessed, and the beautiful lion’s legs.
Bathroom with legs like a separate and beautiful place and space, beautiful bathroom with legs will be beautifully decorated, with stunning legs. Such a bathroom reminiscent of the past century, and the maintenance of aristocratic life. Bathroom on beautiful legs can be, as in the bathroom, and on a small podium in the bedroom.

2-tub of black-legged

3-white bath

4-blue wallpaper

5-beautiful background

6-yellow walls

7-blue bath

8-beige curtains

9-pink bath

10-beautiful mirror

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