Chocolate color for the living room

August 8, 2013
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Chocolate color in the interior can have a variety of its elements: furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, drapes, and accessories. It all depends on what is the concentration of chocolate you need in a particular interior. If the choice fell on the walls and floors, in which case you run the risk of a very dark room. Therefore, the most appropriate solution would be to dilute its bright spots: you can choose, for example, lactic furniture. In addition, dark walls can vary contrasting accessories, such as pictures or shelves. But the dark floor – it does undeniable classic. Besides floors of the colors look solid, and they are very practical – they will not get dirty so quickly.

2-Beautiful Wallpapers

Here we can see a very entertaining design an experiment that was to be to paint one wall in dark chocolate, and the other – in white with a brown pattern. The result was a glamorous interior room, which will want to spend all your free time.

3-interesting furniture

For some, like interior room may seem bleak. In order to somehow prevent this, it was decided to enter into it with wooden furniture and metal accent in the form of a lamp.

4-small sofa

Chocolate in this living room is present in many different kinds and colors, and the horizontal line, which is literally full of this interior, brings its own flavor to it.

5-brown sofa

The contrasting colors of white and deep brown color looks really impressive.

6-white sofa

Chocolate color of the walls of the living room is very well matched, as with cream sofa, and with a bright blue picture.

7-round ottoman

Chocolate color in this interior is entered through accessories such as cushions and a large ottoman.

8-transparent table

This room looks very presentable. Schick did not merely give her a white fireplace, but the chocolate walls.

9-a beautiful picture

As a general in the design of the interior was chosen delicious dark chocolate color. But as bright accents are not acting pieces of furniture and belongings, neatly placed on shelves.

10-round table

Chocolate color blends, as with pure neutral and positive with bright colors.

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