Eco-friendly house made ​​of wood

August 16, 2013
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2-house on the woter

In today’s world, people are trying to purchase homes in the country and a lot of the time they separate choice, most preference is given to ecological houses made ​​of wood, as they are highly mobile, convenient, and more than that a house built faster than brick or other materials. Moreover wooden houses will allow you to save time and money, it does not require finishing, painting, and each year does not have to paint over paint as often happens with other facades of other materials.
Ecological house very long time there despite the fact that many do not believe it, there are many special impregnation and materials that allow you to save a tree, and every year, the house will become more comfortable, and family. Unusual decision wooden house on the water, the house resembles a ship, and maybe even Noah’s Ark, of course it is not entirely out of wood, but wood paneling.

3-big tree

House in aged European-style downtime and standard solution for European residents.

4-white wood

Beautiful home design with many elements, an interesting solution with the compound of stones and wood light in color. Very beautiful and looks like a small castle.

6-blak home

Do not confuse this house with a barn, but they used to call it so, but thanks to modern designers and architects has changed dramatically and is now in a house you can not only keep livestock, but most live.

7-long home

Interesting and impressive house, it is long and tall, an unusual arrangement of windows, as if they are mixed, small with big, beautiful arches.

8-vintage style

The most traditional style, it has a bit of vintage style, or even the style of the country, most often in such homes are Finns.
9-beautiful vive

Another solution, rectangular house, which is located between the summer terrace, it serves instead of a balcony, located on the top floor, even the natural heating from the stove. The view from the lovely terrace impresses with its beauty, beautiful view of the lake and mountains.

10-mini tarras

Simple house made ​​in the style of Russian natural laminated veneer lumber, natural color, light and pleasant, on the ground floor is a summer terrace.


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