Juicy Apartment with a Stage for Home Shows and a Fresh Kitchen – Winner of IKEA Special Prize

August 19, 2013
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The Hosts:
John, an engineer-tester of software
Natalie, a PR-manager of GaGa.ru web-site (board games)
Sebastian, their son

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 44 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 2

After one year of renting a classic apartment of the Khrushchev era, John, Natalie and their son Sebastian got ready to buy it in 2009 despite the inconvenient layout. In order to make the space livable, the hosts had to lodge with their friends for a few months and hire a working gang. The task of the latter was replacing the pipes, electrics, floors and all the walls.

On coming back to an absolutely empty flat, the hosts got down to its decoration. The whole furnishing process took about a year. A bay-window between the kitchen and the lounge room was set aside as a stage, but the spouses failed to find a qualified master. Therefore it was constructed on their own. A windowsill was fitted out for sitting, while a raised floor started to stage home shows and Guitar Hero games. By drawing the curtains over the podium perimeter, the guys get one more bonus “room”, where friends can stay overnight. Views of St. Petersburg on the curtains were painted by Natalie.

A bar between the stage and the kitchen was constructed by John: a white cabinet in its foundation used to be a part of the wall. Under the shelf stand concealed is a door leading to a big storage area under the stage. A home office is arranged in the corner. True, now you have to jump over the sofa armrest in order to sit down by the table.

The spice of the wall is Fender Precision Bass — John used to play a bass-guitar in a band. All the photos present in the lodging were made by the owners; a “This ain’t California” poster was torn off the wall in Berlin. An easel was dug out on a disposal dump a week ago – the guys haven’t cooked up what to do with it yet.






The kitchen is furnished with IKEA items — their interior even won a special prize in the promotional game organized by the company. Natalie’s job in the GaGa store chain accounts for a great number of board games.



A remote room is divided into two: a kid’s room with a loft bed and a blind parents’ room. So that the space looked larger visually, it was equipped with a big wall-to-wall closet and a window overlooking the kitchenette. When needed, it may be closed with a dense curtain or a retractable glass.


The bathroom was connected to the WC. The walls are adorned with pictures of apples and fresh-colored tile, which gives exhilarative feeling in the morning.



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