10 bright living room in orange

August 20, 2013
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Using the orange color, you can achieve a good result, as a rule, and most often orange, used as accents to create a cozy and beautiful interior. You can create a bright and beautiful living room. Also, the orange color is used to adjust the room. It is best to use this color in the north, as the light is there the least, and orange makes a room warm and cozy.

2-beautiful tree on the wall

A good mix of orange color will make the room bright and individually. The original interior will make the room interesting.

3-glass table

In this living room is used and a beautiful oriental style, orange shades are successfully combined with each other, the interior looks harmonious.

4-blue chairs

A beautiful combination of dining rooms with a living room, this color is very bright, it will lift spirits, and improve appetite.

5-blue ottomans

The dark gray room is well suited for relaxing, cool colors diluted orange pillows, and soft colors create comfort.

6-orange floor

Very bright and bold living room with very bright shades of different colors of orange, transforms the room and makes the room a colorful and rich.

7-a comfortable chair

A spacious room with bright and unusual interior solution will please everyone who visited, the presence of contrasting scales emphasize the individuality of the owner.

8-beautiful curtains

The interior of the living room and a beautiful combination of dark and warm shades, brown will make the room bright and contrasting.

9-A bright room

The spacious living room is decorated in bright colors, which visually increases room, bright orange curtains make the room bright and juicy, the room turns the volume, and interesting.

10-funny sofa

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