Small cozy home in Sweden

August 23, 2013
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The small and beautiful house is located in Sweden, in a house you can live in comfort, enjoying the surrounding nature and the beauty around. Around the house is a really beautiful and impressive landscape in the interior there is a Scandinavian low-key style. The whole family is divided into three smaller parts, it consists of a living room, blacksmith shop, a bedroom and a bathroom.


The house is interesting because most of it is glazed, large windows have the advantage to move apart, allowing to connect with nature in a warm, home blends with nature.

3-light conditions

The house is small, and its dimensions are not exactly huge, so this tiny house looks great, the second floor is organized very well, and a small opening between rooms and floors make the house a little more tolerant.

4-beautiful bedroom

The second floor includes a sleeper, all the furniture in the house is made entirely of wood, oak, all the furniture is built in, which is very convenient and allows for more room.

5-beautiful windows

The second floor windows are also made on the wall that let in lots of daylight. Allowing the interior will waste energy.

6-beautiful windows

All the furniture and decoration of the house is constructed from all-natural cloths are generally used only oak and gray sandstone, wood is very high quality, as if the whole house is built by hand, each detail has been planned to the last detail.

7-spacious kitchen

Part of the first floor occupies the spacious and cozy kitchen, which is also constructed of oak, with stunning glass fireplace. The full kitchen is very functional and comfortable.

8-strange corridor

The second part of the house carries a small sauna, with a comfortable dressing room and a bathroom, a hallway in the sauna was decorated with sandstone.

9-beautiful sink

10-beautiful bath

11-view of the house

12-glass house

13-beautiful vine

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