The bright and airy apartment – studio in Paris

August 23, 2013
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Apartment – studio located in Paris, the apartment is very small but very comfortable, architects have thought of everything to the last detail, in a fairly compact setting with soaring club which is near the ceiling, where the hidden room.
Earlier this premise was a simple art studio, the room has an odd pattern, they are divided into two parts, the photos at once and cannot tell that this room is located in the hanging cube.

2-black chairs

During the construction of the Parisian architects initially began to transform the apartment and tore down all the partitions off and hit the space light and airy. The bedroom was in the most unusual spot near the ceiling.

3-layout of the house

On the top floor there are a few windows, which is located near the dining room and cozy kitchen.

4-beautiful bedroom

A large number of open spaces primarily in one room on the ground floor, interesting black chairs, enliven the room, and an interesting chess decision making situation is very interesting.

5-thin stools

The beautiful cube – bedroom does not touch the floor, and is in a suspended state, the imposing size of the bedroom.

6-beautiful lamp

Cube beautiful and practical it can also be used as a sofa or bench for the location of the nodes.

7-a lot of books

The most beautiful thing in the bedroom looks like a very ordinary, there is a TV, and videos, and tables, the only negative no windows.

8-dining area

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