Narrow but comfortable home in London

August 26, 2013
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A small house with a width of 2 meters of a bedroom and a bathroom and dressing room, study, all the amenities are present, the main thing is a reasonable location. The big plus of this house is an interesting roof, where there are many small windows that are well covered all three floors.

11-slabs of natural slate

Most of the material that is used in the finishing of the house – it’s a slab of slate, in conjunction with the tree looks really nice.

10-a piece of old wall

The citizens of London tend to highly value the old days that’s why in this house left part of the wall with different brick, looks like a beautiful piece.

9-full closet

In the bedroom there is the easiest wardrobe for storing clothes and linen.

8-warm lighting

Typically, in a small apartment to be used every inch of the mind, at the head of the bed is a locker, where you can store things and to use as a bedside table.

7-bright bedroom

The most beautiful bedroom, where there are two windows and lights up the room well. Compact and comfortable room, and at night in the window, you can look at the starry sky.

6-narrow kitchen

The kitchen is very narrow, but comfortable, the two sides have a kitchen island, plus the fact that it is enough to turn around and have another work surface.

5-comfortable table

Two meters for rooms is very modest, but nevertheless you can select comfortable furniture that will not clutter the space. Dining room combined with a kitchen, dining room and kitchen, plus the fact that it comes out into the courtyard, and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama.

4-a beautiful place

On the ground floor is a kitchen combined with living room, and in the summertime, the door is always opened in a cozy garden.

3-at dark

Due to the small space, the owners have created a cozy patio where you can relax in the summer.

2-Street facade of the house

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