Apartment in Style of Parisian Eclecticism with Droplets of Hi-Tech Featuring a Blind Bedroom, European Furniture and a Graffitti Wall in the Playroom

August 27, 2013
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The Hosts:
Vladimir and Marina, entrepreneurs
Radomir and Miroslav, their kids

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 85 m²
Ceiling height: 3.43 m
Floor number: 3

Vladimir, Marina and their 2 kids moved in their first own apartment last March, after a long period of renting dwellings in different districts of the city. Their final choice was an absolutely untouched, newly-built apartment with windows on the sunny side and a park view.

The overall decoration process – from 3D-modelling up to finishing touches – took 6 months. By the way, most of this time was spent on mere waiting for furniture and appliances, which were ordered from Europe. The interior design was planned by Vladimir and Marina on the ground of relevant Web-sites. As for the style concept, it can be called a mixture of contemporary eclecticism of Parisian lodgings with the elements of high-tech. The entire process was entrusted to a construction firm: the hosts’ task was supervision and choosing materials.

The most challenging task was re-planning: a one-bedroom apartment had to be turned into a three-room lodging. The problem was that all the windows overlook one side, and dividing such kind of space is not an easy task indeed. The way-out was found in separating the bedroom from the lounge with a glass partition and a curtain. Despite its blindness, the room looks quite light. The apartment may boast two walk-in closets and a spacious bathroom. The latter also includes a confined boxroom and a laundry zone.




Almost all the kitchen appliances are made by Miele, a wine cabinet and a big refrigerator — Liebherr. The flat is equipped with a ventilation system, taking fresh air from the street — the installation is planked under the ceiling. A kitchen set, accessories and even curtains arrived from Italy.




A Jacuzzi bath of artificial stone is a centerpiece of the bathroom. Plumbing fixtures — Hansgrohe, furniture — Antonio Lupi. A fretted mirror was ordered in Moscow, from a restoration workshop.



Plain furniture and bright details were chosen for the playroom, which gives shelter to Radomir and Miroslav. Here walls were painted by St. Petersburg graffitists form the hosts’ drawings.



Pictures for the kitchen were purchased from a street artist in Paris, and for the hall – were copied by the hosts from works of Jury Sychev, a St. Petersburg artist. A huge photo, hanging in the kitchen, is a masterpiece of Jonathan Stark, an American photographer, who makes pictures of loving couples on the Pont Alexandre III in Paris. A picture of night St. Petersburg, adorning the bedroom wall, was bought from a photo bank and printed in a professional studio.



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